Christmas 2018+ FÖLJ3 superfestliga cities for nyårsfirandetFå extra everything in Rio de Janeiro, Berlin and StockholmRESA

Fancy suerparty on an exotic beach? Or maybe you want to toast in the new year in a colorful big city?
Aftonbladet reseredaktör Johan Gunnarsson lists the cities that have extra everything in the new year.

Are you eager to travel abroad to celebrate the new year? Aftonbladet reseredaktör Johan Gunnarsson lists three superfestliga cities that fit both the person who has a well-stocked wallet Grandbetting and a little bit thinner.

– It is possible to find affordable tickets to all these destinations. Rio de Janeiro is quite expensive, but the trick is to book the days when not so many other traveling. It is up to 40 to 50 percent cheaper if you fly on christmas eve and home on new year’s day when no one else wants to fly. But if you travel before christmas eve and the home of the second or third of January, so goes the loss of a fourteen to fifteen thousand crowns, ” says Johan Gunnarsson.