Lena Jörgensen.

Produces seven different wines, a total of 8.000–10.000 bottles per year. One of the Swedish pioneers with the first commercial vintage in 2005.

– in particular we have found our style, both in how we make our wine and how we work in the vineyard.

– the Solaris. A green grape adapted to our climate. It is durable and works for both storing in oak barrels, steel tanks, and make sparkling wine. We have a bubble that has been 24 months in the jästfällningen which we hope to launch this summer.

” I think there is a Swedish taste in solaris. Aromatic and fresh with high acidity. On the red side, there is perhaps a little more to work with.

” It feels like we are getting more and more positive attention. For example, the norwegians started buying our wine, which is great fun.

– in Addition to wine, we also sell vinutrustning and wine stocks. If you are going to bet on this seriously, it is difficult to have another job on the side.

– We harvested almost a month earlier. Quality we don’t really know, but the acid level was quite okay. Solaris has an ability to stand in the way of alcohol, but I think we got a good balance.

Bengt Åkesson. Photo: Niclas Röhr

Produces four wines, including two sparkling, total potential to make the 12,000 bottles. The first vintage was launched in 2014. Grow apples and make cider.

– We have 80-90% solaris, the rest are the blue grapes rondo and cabernet cortis. Solaris works the best, it gives the full maturity of even worse years and the plants are healthy. It is reminiscent of sauvignon blanc and we think it fits best in the crispy style, but the oak barrels.

– the setting to Swedish wine consumers have changed in recent years from a judgmental to the more curious. You are not looking for errors anymore.

– spring frosts. I have had to replace wine stocks as frozen broken. Another challenge is to get the Swedish taverns to take in the Swedish wines. I get to me that they have not tried enough and think it is expensive.

– We have most focused on sparkling wine and tried not to imitate champagne. Our goal is a crisp style with freshness and aroma, therefore we store the wine as long time on the yeast. Neyine

” We needed the water much more. In terms of volume, there was a good harvest and we were surprised to find that the acid became so high.

– Our new planting will yield a harvest 2020. We’ll see what kind of wine we make. Perhaps we are testing the storage of the other type of oak. But you may not find too much nonsense, better to refine what one has.

Jan Suominen.

Took over the Wannborga 2016. Produces two whites, a rosé and several red wines. A total of about 5,000 bottles. In addition to the wine distillate.

– In the early 2000’s, we are nothing. Now we have caught up with the danes, and perhaps past. To make red wine in Sweden is very difficult. 2016 was the first year we made wine of the grapes rondo, leon millot, regent, and frühburgunder separately. Then we got more knowledge about how they become. Another stumbling block for the development is that it is expensive to produce wine. Sales would definitely help us.

” It ain’t over until the fat lady sings! Look at our politicians today, they can’t co-exist. On the island of Öland we have eight turistveckor of the year when we can sell wine. When I asked the Wine to be in stores on the mainland, they said that I was selling for a little bit.

” No, not yet. It would be the grape solaris then because the all grow the. We still want to find the right grape varieties that expresses The nature of the soil in the best way.

” We had three months of tropical heat. The younger the seedlings could not manage to produce grapes. We harvested pretty normal at the time, compared with the mainland. Quality very good!

– In February, we release a red wine grape leon millot, which we are very pleased with. And a wine called the Wife of the Regent, a blend of two black grapes.

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the Vineyard in Klagshamn Ran 2.0 In 2016, the Vineyard in Åhus Pegasus Steel 2016, Flädie Lepores Barrique Cuvée 2016, and Flädie Ebba Brut 2016.