This is what is called a monumental wind. While she had just performed a feminist version of the Marseillaise during the ceremony to seal abortion in the Constitution, this March 8 at Place Vendôme, singer Catherine Ringer ostensibly disdained President Emmanuel Macron who was trying to make her a hug.

The footage quickly went viral on social media. While the performer walks confidently to return to her place, after a rendition of the national anthem with a text slightly revisited by her, the President of the Republic comes down from the platform to greet her. He takes her hand and kisses her hand. Is it this somewhat outdated gesture that the singer of Rita Mitsuko did not find to her taste? With a disdainful air, Catherine Ringer frees herself and continues on her way.

Emmanuel Macron tries for a moment to catch her by the shoulder, in vain. As if to emphasize her gesture, the singer raises both hands, as if to say: “Leave me alone.”

Invited the same day on Franceinfo, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, was questioned about the meaning of this gesture. “It’s his choice and we’ll have to ask him,” the minister was content to evade, preferring, rather than commenting on the sequence, “to celebrate what happened today,” namely, that France has become “the first country to recognize abortion in its Constitution”.