The excomisario of Police Jose Manuel Villarejo he had kept in his home and in the offices of their private business, reports on pro-independence leaders or political parties catalans that would prove his involvement in the ‘Operation ‘ Catalunya’ , organized from the Ministry of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz as the owner to uncover scandals.

The objective of the ‘Operation ‘ Catalonia’ was to get information that is sensitive and committed, as well as evidence on cases of corruption, which could affect leaders catalans in favor of independence, to neutralize the impulse to independence that did not increase in Catalunya.

The Government of Mariano Rajoy decides to fight back in Catalunya when it is still Artur Mas as president of the Generalitat. Since the known as ‘sewers of the State’ unfolds an operating to achieve any information that could harm both leaders catalans as their parties, or persons linked to them and manage to act against them.

For this operation we counted with the collaboration of Villarejo, then commissioner in active service within the Address Attached Operational (DAO) and today jailed for a year for allegedly leading a criminal organization dedicated to bleach, extort and coerce among other crimes.

Draft ghost

as stated in a document summary, which he has had access to The cutting Edge, Villarejo kept both in your home and in the offices of their private companies, various reports, linked to this operation. Hence that it had a document relating to various people, among them Artur Mas.

it is Precisely this excomisario imprisoned linked with the known as the ‘draft of the UDEF’, dated November 2012. This document was published by the newspaper The World, a week before the regional elections under the headline: “Police have linked accounts in Switzerland Pujol and More with the corruption of the CiU”.

which explained this document is that part of the donations given by businessmen to the party ended up in the pockets of their leaders, among them former presidents Catalan Jordi Pujol and Artur Mas.

The document bore the seal of the UDEF but the head of the unit who exposed the lie that had been produced by any agent of the unit which pursues economic crimes and Police prosecutors. From the Inside it was announced that there would be an investigation to find the author of that draft but finally this was closed in false, and never found out.

’filthy Rags’ of More

The Internal Affairs Unit of the Police that investigates Villarejo in the framework of the ‘Operation Tandem’ also requisitioned during the registration to your company Cenyt on November 3 2017 a dossier on the financing of Joined Democratic of Catalonia , with Josep Antoni Duran as president until 2016.

Joined that formed part of the coalition convergence and union (i Joined under which ruled Jordi Pujol and later Artur Mas. The objective of the ‘Operation ‘ Catalonia’ was to remove ‘dirty rags’ of these parties to be able to negotiate with them that they raised the foot of the accelerator to the postulates more independence.

Your role in this operation as the related one of the sons of the ‘ex-molt honorable’, Josep Pujol , in November of 2015 during its declaration before the judge of the Hearing Nacional José de la Mata. As he explained, a police officer called Villarejo got in contacted with him and he confessed to be behind the ‘Operation Catalunya by order of Moncloa and the knowledge of Soraya Saenz de Santamaria .

A story “fun”

They met, according to the version of Josep, but only were the commissioner and he. “He tells Me, you are doing so much to Russia, and say to him: work in Indra, and one of my markets is Russia. And I say: in truth you’re building a poolside snack bar to proclaim the independence of Catalonia. And I say it seriously! And I say: this is a fantasy. He is a man quite pleasant and sympathetic, and I start to count what we have to do, I start to tell how you mounted the operation with Victoria Alvarez -ex-girlfriend of his brother Jordi and who complained to the judge that he had accompanied Andorra in a car with bags of money – and Javier de la Rosa -entrepreneur who, in similar dates reported that Jordi Pujol had been threatened if he had money in tax havens-. And tells me that the information has been cooked to have a cause here and be able to joderos because we are going against you on the issue of independence and that is a direct instruction of the minister of the Interior. What funny story?”.

After the 1-Or

In his address also appeared a report on Xavier Vinyals Capdepon , excónsul honorary of Latvia in Barcelona and president of the Plataforma Pro Seleccions Catalanes the Catalan government. In 2016, the then minister of Foreign Affairs José Manuel García-Margallo he withdrew the accreditation that allowed him to act as the honorary consul of Latvia in Barcelona, after which hanging a flag estelada independence in the facade of the Consulate.

Among the documents found in its offices from which addressed their business despite of being a public official in active, they also kept information on the referendum in Catalonia held on the 1st of October. The Government was until the last day, through the Police and the National Intelligence Center (CNI) looking for the polls that were to be placed in the various polling stations despite the fact that he had been prohibited the celebration of the consultation promoted by the Government of Carles Puigdemont due to its unconstitutionality.

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