A cordon sanitaire intermittent to the extreme right in Europe The socialist party is sinking, the left loses the most and Vox bursts with 12 meps

The socialists in europe have chosen this Friday, Iratxe García first vice-president of the organization at its ELEVENTH congress held in Lisbon, according to advance party supplies. Your choice responds to the importance that has acquired Spain as the main country community with a social-democratic government and pro-european, although previously Elena Valenciano had already played one of the vice-presidents of the Party of European socialists (PES). Garcia, of 44 years and close to Pedro Sanchez, who he supported in the primaries, is the president of the socialist delegation in the European Parliament and secretary of the EU on the executive of the PSOE. Until now Garcia was one of the members of the body of the European Socialist Party with representatives from all the countries of the EU. The PES remains as chairman of the Bulgarian Sergei Stanishev and secretary-general of the German Achim Post.

The host country has become the exception, along with Ireland, with the advance of the far right in the European Union. Spain, which until now had resisted Supertotobet the onslaught of the rise of the extreme-right parties and contrary to the EU, has seen how the Vox came with 12 seats in the Parliament of Andalusia and seems to be the end point to the 36 years of governments in a row of the PSOE in the Board. His appearance, along with the sum of PP and Citizens, makes it possible for the first time the left doesn’t add up to an absolute majority in the regional chamber. “Vox comes to play in Spain the right wing which is already in several european countries. It is a reflection of our being in Europe. We had a positive anomaly”, has emphasized the minister spokesman of the Government, Isabel Celaá, at the beginning of the appearance subsequent to the Council of Ministers.

The president of the Government and secretary general of the PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, will participate this Saturday at the conclave in lisbon, where it will discuss the key issues that will make the next european elections and in which shall be proclaimed to the joint candidate of the European Socialist Party, Frans Timmermans. Earlier, Sanchez will hold a meeting with the secretary-general of the Portuguese socialist and the country’s prime minister, António Costa. In addition, in the iberian peninsula, the EU only account with governments of profile social-democratic in Slovakia, Malta and Romania. Sweden lives a political stalemate after the complex political scenario emerged from the general elections of 9 September. The social-democrat Stefan Löfven was the most voted with 144 seats but is not achieving the necessary support for revalidad the Executive. The Alliance of centre-right obtained 143 deputies for the 62 the xenophobic Sweden Democrats, with which no one wants to agree to difference of the initial reaction of PP and Citizens with Vox after the elections in andalusia.