Four Finnish tourists are going to be deported and prevented from to go to Malaysia after they were detained for distributing christian content on an island in the muslim country.

It writes the news agency AP.

Those who are expelled are two men and two women between 27 and 60 years. Two of the four were married. They were apprehended 20. november at the hotel they lived on an island in the archipelago of Langkawi, after the police had received several complaints that the four had shared out christian material in public places.

Police seized also 47 pens with bible verses and 336 notebooks with texts from the bible.

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the Archipelago consists of hundreds of islands, and is located in the Andaman Ngbahis sea off the Malaysian mainland. The area is popular among tourists, and among other things, known for beautiful beaches and nature.

police Chief on the island, Mohamad Iqbal Ibrahim, said, according to the AP that the four fins have been handed over to the immigrasjonsdepartementet, and is awaiting a decision by the prosecution to send them out of the country. According to Ibrahim, they will also be blacklisted, and the material they gave out are going to be destroyed.

In Malaysia it is forbidden for people from other religions to preach against muslims, even though the reverse is allowed. Of Malaysia’s 31 million people is about two-thirds of the population are muslims. According to the AP, it is illegal to convert to muslims.

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