SOS International, which among other things, represents Mutual insurance, has just arrived with a report that indicates that almost half of all that are entered for the illness or injury during your holiday in Thailand, overbehandles of the hospitals.

– There are shockingly high numbers, but unfortunately not surprising, ” says communications manager Bjarne Rysstad in the Mutual.

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the Report from SOS International, which is an emergency that keeps contact with both the hospital and patients in Thailand, shows that in 10-15 per cent of the treatments, there is over-treatment in a considerable degree, and in a further 25-30 per cent is the over-treatment of minor extent.

Occurs in several places

– This report examines Thailand in particular, which is a current resort now. But we know well that over-treatment occurs in other countries, ” says kommunikasjonssjefen to the Newspaper.

– also, This is an extra burden for the patient as he or she could have avoided, ” says Rysstad to the Newspaper.

Tries to earn extra

Not all doctors are equally straightforward. More and more hospitals in Thailand try to earn money on the Norwegian tourists, says Rysstad.

Norwegians often have good advice and maybe one of the world’s Betsmove best reiseforsikringsordninger.

This know the doctors and clinics, and some choose, therefore, to take advantage of the situation, ” he says. A survey by the Mutual shows that 1 out of 10 who have received medical treatment abroad, was overbehandlet.

more and more older people are traveling abroad – are now being reiseforsikringen more expensive

– It will say that the many thousands of holidaymakers, norwegians have experienced this, ” he says. Many patients end up with sky-high bills and an over-treatment which in some cases can make one more sick than healthy.

Rysstad encourage anyone who needs medical help as soon as possible to contact reiseforsikrings-their company.

Over-the-top surveys

He has, for example, this fresh example:

A patient stumbles and falls down a flight of stairs and gets a wound on his arm treated. The patient undergoes then an examination of the brain and heart while hospitalized to determine whether the fall was due to brain or heart disease. This was superfluous and costly. It is not a question of acute paralysis, and there is no acute hjertesymptomer.

the Fall was well explained and observed by the family, ” says Rysstad.

Important to get contact

Also with the insurance company IF, which is great on travel insurance, know one, of course, also to the phenomenon of over-treatment.

– But the impression is that the problem has become a little less after that we started to keep it very under control, ” says cio Jon Berge to the Newspaper.

– This with the over-treatment has been the theme for a while now, and we must hold the reins hard here still, ” he says.

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