there is No day on which PP or Citizens do not ask the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez , to act and to intervene in Catalonia in the face of what both parties consider to be an emergency situation. This time has been the maximum leader of Cs in Catalonia, Inés Arrimadas , which has interrupted the day of rest on Sunday to go back to ask Sánchez actions against the pro-independence and against a president, Catalan, Quim Torra , to which it has branded a “danger to the public to coexistence and democracy.”

The appeals of Torra to the way slovenia have been the new focus that has brought attention Arrimadas. The head of the opposition has declared that they are “sick and tired” that you take as reference what happened in the country and balkan in the nineties. “It is already good. Torra is appealing to a civil conflict, using as reference the case of Slovene in which dozens were dead,” he underlined.

he has Also accused the president of the Catalan “encourage” and “protect” the “violent”, of wanting to carry out a “purge” in the Mossos d’esquadra to convert the body into a “political police” and to present yesterday “a new snack bar for your republic imaginary”, in reference to the presentation in Brussels of the Council per the Republic.

Arrimadas has warned that the president Catalan is “willing at all” because, in his opinion, “has said”, thus he concluded that the Catalan government is “a danger to the public to coexistence and democracy.” To this end, has regretted that the president of the Government “look the other way” and has demanded that acts of “once”. “What has to happen in Catalonia to serve the lord Sanchez?”, it has been asked.

Cs has opted for ask for the appearance in the Congress of the minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to give explanations about the cut of the AP-7, of the measures that will be taken in the future and to explain what actions they will take before the will of Torra of “wanting to purge the Mossos”. After lamenting that “children and elderly” that they wanted to go “to the doctor, work or rest” have been affected by the cuts of the CDR in the AP-7 in L’ampolla, Joined lamented the “impunity” with which to act “violent”, in reference to the CDR.

on the other hand, the president of the parliamentary group of Cs has shown to be confident in the negotiations between the Cs and PP will be the candidate of the formation of Albert Rivera, president of the regional government of Andalusia. Asked by a journalist about the fasting started by Torra, has said that “you are not concerned about what you eat or stop eating the chair, but the bet by the way slovenian”.