the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to control the country’s latest missile test, North Korean state media KCNA report.

KCNA:according to the “super-big rocket launcher” conducted a test firing was successful and Kim expressed “great satisfaction” after the experiment.

the state of the media according to the test certificate North Korean missile system, “military and technical superiority and reliability”.

the Japanese and South Korean officials told North Korea fired two missiles in the japanese sea on Thursday.

the Missiles flying 380 miles and reached almost a hundred kilometers altitude.

at the end of October North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missile Japan and North Korea between the maritime area.


Japan and South Korea: North Korea launched two ballistic missiles in the japanese sea

the united states suspends military exercises in South Korea with ”This is not a concession to North Korea”

USA:and North korea’s negotiations in Sweden was cut short

North Korea confirmed that it had tested successfully a submarine launch ballistic missiles

Sources: Reuters, TASS

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