The Cuban state makes available to its citizens for the first time, a mobile Internet access. As of Thursday, you could go with mobile phones across the country via the radio standard 3G to the Internet, told the state-owned telecommunications company, Etecsa. Yet on mobile devices only state E-Mail could be opened accounts.

The Cuban President, Miguel Díaz-Canel had repeatedly stated that Cuba need new technologies to be able to better deal with the residents communicate. Public access to mobile Internet has been tested, therefore, for the first time in August. In the future, should be offered, according to Etecsa four mobile data packages.

The socialist island nation was one of the few countries in the world, in which there was no mobile Internet. So far, most of the Cubans were able to dial in the inside and the Cubans only on Wi-Fi Hotspots to the Internet for you to queue for sometimes long or much to pay. In 2017, Etecsa, launched a pilot project for the first time, private individuals and Internet connections in their homes.