In the spring indicated 42 percent of all L-sympathizers that they had the Conservatives as their second best party. In november, the figure plummeted to 28 percent. At the same time, the social democrats have moved ahead in popularity of the L-sympathizers. The same pattern is visible in centerpartister even if the changes are minor, shows the statistics SWEDEN’s large partisympatiundersökning.

It reflects the divisions that emerged in the Alliance after the elections, where C and L are now negotiating with S about a political solution to the locked position. And love seems answered. The who indicates S that the best party is now to a greater extent than in the past to any of the C and L are the second-best party.

at the same time visible the contours of a conservative väljarkoalition. Both M – and KD-sympathizers specify each other as the second best party in the much greater extent now than in the spring.

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in Addition, the KD-supporters to a greater extent SD as the second best party, nearly nine per cent compared with almost six per cent in the spring. Even the love is reciprocated. A full 21 percent of the SD-sympathizers reply that the KD is the second best party. The figure was just seven per cent in the spring.

however, sympathisers falling in large, both as best and second best party. The party will get less support when voters get to answer the question of which party they are closest to or sympathize with, compared to if the question is what they would vote for.

In novembermätningen answer 13 per cent of the voters that are closest to the SD, a statistically significant decrease compared with may, when 14.7 percent replied that they are SD the closest, according to statistics SWEDEN.

It is also noteworthy that the SD is losing among women, despite the party’s stated intention to increase its support in the väljargruppen. Sympathisers among the women of the SD has fallen from 9.7% to 7.5% since may, a statistically significant change.

Even the Conservatives lose clearly compared with majmätningen, of 20.3 compared to 23.8, while the L, KD, P, and V shows statistically significant increases in the electorate on the issue of which party they sympathize the most with. The other parties do not show any statistically significant change.

as was reported earlier in the week about how voters would vote if it were election got SD 18.3 per cent — a big difference compared with sympatiundersökningen even if the SCB indicates that the comparisons between the measurements should be made with caution because the measurements be estimated in different ways.

it has been a long time and is nothing strange, according to statsvetarprofessor Henrik Oscarsson at Gothenburg university.

– There are more people who vote than who sympathizes with the party, ” he says.

In the same way the Liberals clearly more support in the partisympatiundersökningen than choice today study. Among the other political parties are the differences minor between the two surveys.