this weekend, both the Centre party and the Liberals had meetings where parties discussed how they should respond to a possible spd-led government and to the transitional government’s draft budget.

Annie Lööf. Photo: Magnus Hallgren

notifies now centerledaren Annie Lööf from the Centre party page not found the conditions for cooperation with social democrats. The party will not drop until Stefan Löfven at a statsministeromröstning. It would mean that he likely will not be tolerated by the riksdag and thus the fall of such a vote.

” I’m sorry that’s not took the chance. I thought they had a greater insight, ” says Annie Lööf.

the DN could for almost two weeks then tell you that the Centre party put forward what they called a list of demands to S, in order to consider to release Stefan Löfven (S) as prime minister.

– Specifically, it can be substantially reduced marginal tax rates, reformed turordningsregler, a more liberal labour law and the liberalisation of rents. A number of proposals which means that the Centre party will be a success for the policy which we have pursued for a long number of years, ” she said to DN then.

Annie Lööf says that the Centre party has been in sharp government negotiations with both the social democrats, the green Party and the Liberals, but it has not led to an agreement.

” We have reached progress, but there remains big differences to C to be able to release Stefan Löfven as prime minister. We will vote no, ” says Annie Lööf.

Among the points the parties have not agreed in she mentions a proposal concerning the labour market, the deadline for aktivitetsstödet and inträdesjobb.

Annie Lööf puts it, inter alia, as to the whole of the left party list of demands was fulfilled, but not the Centre. When it comes to labour law, she experiences that the social democrats have not made sufficient concessions in relation to The requirements.

– S will enough to express themselves as they have made concessions, but it does not count as concessions if you give LO the veto, ” she says.

decided to vote on its own budget in Wednesday’s budgetomröstning and then put down the votes in the huvudomröstningen.

Annie Lööf says that the Centre party has not taken any new decisions regarding the Ulf Kristerssons (M) the so-called 3-2-1-solution, C, in the past, voted no. This is because such a government under (C) would give too much influence to The sweden democrats.

” We have taken a decision on this statsministeromröstningen. The next step we will make the decision in the certain order, ” says Annie Lööf.

She also says that she ”assumes that it will not be an additional election”.

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