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A trendy outdoor toilet, a cocktail in a bath of edible foam and a Swedish vildmarkscamping. When the airline Easyjet lists the year’s most exciting travel experiences is there anything other than the traditional tourist destinations that attract the attention.

Each year the airline Easyjets board, magazine, EasyJet Traveller, the most exciting and spectacular reseupplevelserna during the year that has passed. 2018 years experiences is a wonderful mix of high and low and also has a Swedish restaurant can be found on the list. There is a restaurant and hotel Stedsans in the Woods in Bohult on the west coast who takes home the award for best wildlife experience. With its wonderful concept of cooking over an open fire and overnight in a bedouin tent in the woods, they have charmed visitors from all over the world.

Photo: GettyPriset for the best kattkafé goes to Maison de Moggy in Edinburgh.Best kattkaféet

Maison de Moggy in Edinburgh, united kingdom
this is a small paradise for cat lovers – and kakälskare! In the café you will be served locally produced tea, coffee and delicious pastries. Are you vegan or gluten intolerant? No problem, there is something for everyone – especially supergosiga cats that like to lay in the lap of guests and kurrar loudly

Photo: MiramontiPå Italian Hotel Miarmonti you will find the world’s best pool with a view. Best pool with a view

Hotel Miramonti Merano, Italy
The beautiful boutique hotel Miramonti has a fantastic spa area with a salt-water infinity pool that dot the island. View of the alps is almost supernatural and it is easy to understand why it ends up on the list of spectacular experiences.

the Best public restroom

Public toilet, Valletta, Malta

The much talked about public toilet is located in Malta, European capital of culture 2018, and is a real ögonmagnet with their works of art in neon. It is also handicapped accessible so that everyone should be able to use it. Would you like to visit the it is just go to the intersection between Strait Street and Old Theatre Street.

Photo: Inge Skovdal/StineChristiansen/Mette HelbækMissa not the restaurant and the hotel Stedsans in the woods, which is located in the middle of the woods at a lake in Bohult. Best vildmarksupplevelsen

Stedsans in the Woods, Bohult, Sweden

Danish restaurangprofilerna Mette Helbæk and Flemming Hansen and their children left Copenhagen and opened the restaurant Stedsans in Vdcasino the Woods in 2016. There is a restaurant where the food is cooked over an open fire, and guests staying in the bedouin tents in the middle of the forest or in trähyttor at the lake. The ingredients are locally grown and the food of high quality.

the Best veganburgaren

Temple of Camden, London, Uk

this is a new fast food restaurant that offers seitan-based vegan cheeseburger that tastes shockingly similar to a regular hamburger. Has quickly become super popular.

Photo: BellboyTesta exciting drinks on the Bellboy in Tel Aviv. Best ”stealth coctailen”

Bellboy’s drink ‘Keep Clean #2, Tel Aviv, Israel

Bar Bellboy serves cocktails in a slightly different way. To say the least. A citronbaserad drink is served in a minibadkar topped with edible foam and a (oätbar) gummianka.

Photo: ParadisoNjut of pink fluff at the Hotel Paradiso in Ibiza.Best instagramhotellet

Paradiso, Ibiza Hotel, San Antonio, Ibiza, Spain

this pink meringue to the hotel is newly opened and obviously perfect for the influencers who love to take selfies in beautiful surroundings, or for those who simply like spejsiga and fun hotel. Rooms are decorated in pink and purple and the swimming pool is delicious. This is also an exciting art gallery.

Photo: GettyTesta good éclairer L’Eclair de Génie in Paris.Best éclairen

L’Eclair de Génie, Paris, France

It serves innovative and freshly prepared éclairer created by bakverksmästaren Christophe Adam. Éclair is a pastry with different types of filling. There are five L’Eclair de Génie in Paris and in the restaurant you can eat brunch on Saturdays.

Best lap

Moustache Tour, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Three mustachprydda guides – an artist, an architect and a writer – showing the best and most beautiful parts of Ljubljana when they take tourists through the city on a bike.

Best escape game

The Crystal Maze, Manchester, Uk

A wonderful exciting experience that is based on the tv program from Channel 4. A group of people to try to solve various riddles and tasks together in one space in just over an hour. A real lagbyggar-play!

Photo: GettyPå 12 Tónar in Reykjavík, you can revel in the LPS. The best ”vinyl-the cave”

12 Tónar, Reykjavík, Iceland

A record which at the same time is a label. Here is a treasure of old and new vinyl records. The shop celebrated its 20 year anniversary in 2018.

the Best alfresco art Fondation Carmignac

Fondation Carmignac, Porquerolles, Frakrike

A beautiful gallery that is just over 2000 square feet, and a sculpture garden, which is located in a national park on a remote French island. Visitors can see contemporary art that comes from the Carmignacs collections or participate in various kulturevent.