Rarely has been a fight over a non-binding Pact of the United Nations as much as the UN-migration Pact. Now, 164 of the 193 UN member States adopted the Pact in Marrakech. Those who didn’t want to be like the United States, from the beginning, or such as Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and some other of the Pact, in retrospect, rejected, in spite of all the demonization attempts of right-wing populists remained a small minority. This is a good message for the migrant workers all over the world, but also with a view on the future of multilateralism in General.

Many conspiracy theories have been brought up in the past few months in circulation. Especially the populists were disturbed the most in the mould of Alexander Gaulands the fact that the Pact’s Migration, to be referred to as something Positive, a “source of wealth”. In the process, they fuel studiously that the Pact meant the illegal, irregular Migration, but rather regulated labour migration – how it comes about in the planned skilled workers immigration act of the Federal government.

Who could seriously deny that Migration contributes in this sense, indeed, to prosperity, to the target – as in the countries of origin? The destination countries benefit from the urgently needed skilled workers, the pay is also tax – and pension contributions, the countries of origin of the money payments that send migrants in their home – and, for these countries, a more significant support than the entire development aid.

Sometimes more binding would be better

The Pact will motivate people to mass Migration to Europe, unkten the black painter. Of the “Umvolkung” was the speech. The Pact opened for the first time, no new opportunities for Migration, he urges, rather, the fight against causes of Flight, but also of the crime of smuggling, and for better border protection.

At the same time, that is correct, and undertake to provide the signatory States, better possibilities for legal and safe Migration, but how can this be configured, is to be stressed, such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her speech in Marrakech right of the sovereignty of the respective target countries. What is meant is therefore, unlike the asylum law, which applies, of course, continue to be, a Migration that is based on the national interest of the respective target country. That Germany might be overrun because of the UN-migration Pact, is now of people from all over the world, is so to be feared in any way.

In addition, the Pact will improve the living and working conditions of migrants around the world. They may not be exploited, they must be informed of their rights, they must not be arbitrarily imprisoned, and children especially need to be protected: There are such things, the migration Pact.

In Germany, these are true long ago to a large extent. Other States should implement in the world, only a fraction of what you have now – not legally binding – required, this could be the plight of many migrant workers, alleviate. Just think of the largely law-free Asian maids in Arab States, which are not exploited only as workers, but often also sexually, or based on African harvest workers, who work at the lowest wages in southern Europe. Here one could have wished for more rather than less liability.

Angela Merkel has let the right –

for all these reasons, it is good that the vast majority of States, not of populists has to scare them. And for some, this was not easy: think of the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, which took rather the collapse of his government coalition in order to follow the Flemish nationalists, with whom he had reigned so far, and the Pact be rejected. A similar tough stance one could have hoped for from Austria’s head of government, Sebastian Kurz, out of respect for the rights of the FPÖ of the Pact withdrew, he himself had, as foreign Minister, largely with negotiated.

Angela Merkel, however, has the right: in the Pact, as the Chancellor said, more than to the Pact itself. It’s also about how the world community in the future with the big questions of the future wants to deal with it. It does not withdraw into a National, because you have the courage, Fears with arguments to counter?

one Or more of the opinion that it is in the case of so global problems such as Migration or climate protection are essential and imperative for cross-border solutions, to define common principles and to accept compromises in buying? “The Pact is worth it, because it is a commitment to multilateralism,” Merkel said. A very large majority of UN member States has decided for this commitment. In a time in which nationalism seems on the rise everywhere, this is a sign of encouragement.