Anderlecht could against Charleroi (1-1) again did not win. The purple & white had some creative actions can use, but Zakaria Bakkali (22) was not even in the core. The playmaker flew just as Kenny Saief (24) from the selection due to a lack of focus on the training. They must hope that they Thursday in the superfluous European match against Dinamo Zagreb a new chance and not messing up.

Zakaria Bakkali said this weekend in this newspaper is and how hard he is looking forward to the duel with Charleroi, and his bosom/childhood friend David Go. Great was everyone’s surprise when the dribbelaar not even on the documentation match sheet. He was in the basis expected and was not injured.

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“Everyone was fit and so I finally had a wide choice to our bank to fill,” said coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck. “Some made the choice easy, because they gave a demotivated impression on training. Everyone should be hungry to show. If you are mentally not present are in training then you wear the consequences. I don’t call it a disciplinary sanction, but simply a choice.”

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Bakkali is, however, a crowd pleaser and this year was all good for 3 goals and 1 assist. But apparently the saves he is sometimes a bit on training and he is doing little extra exercises. He is always quick to house.

What is it in Zagreb?

Now he was so a wake up call, just as Saief. Knowledge Musona was also not at, but for him, it seems his story at Anderlecht. It was Ryota Morioka against Charleroi against all odds on the ten played. The Japanese made no impression.

Bakkali and Saief may this week (in principle) to Dinamo Zagreb where the European already disabled Anderlecht a totally unnecessary match play. “There have to be some guys show what they are capable of,” warned Hein.

Question is whether Ognjen Vranjes will play in Croatia. The defender is fit, but was yesterday not in the selection. For him to play his controversial behavior – positive about with supportersgeweld and are facistische tattoo – still have a role. It does not seem appropriate to the Bosnians in Zagreb, because with his fanatical ideas, he had already serious problems in the Maksimirstadion. In the past challenged Vranjes, the Croatian supporters of Dinamo are already out through a T-shirt of the Serbian arch-nemesis Red Star Belgrade to show.

Vanhaezebrouck will still players to the side in Zagreb. Kums (back), Dimata (knee), Makarenko (achilles tendon) and Trebel (abdominal muscles) to remain at home.

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