Every 8. the day is coming so many new users on the internet that it is equivalent to the entire Danish population.

According to an analysis, as netværksfirmaet Cisco has made, the growing number of netizens forward to 2022 so violently, that it corresponds to the 770.000 new users each and every day.

With the speed will be 1.4 billion more to be on the grid in 2022 than five years earlier. Or the entire 4.8 billion users in total. It is equivalent to 60 percent of the planet’s population comes online against the current 45 percent.

Progress, however, will be very different from region to region. In Denmark, 85 percent of the population already in the day on the web. In 2022, expect Cisco, the figure is 89 percent of all danes.

6 pointer about the network’s future

in the world, which is equivalent to 60 Winxbet per cent. of the world’s population. In 2017 was 45 per cent. of the world’s population on the internet.

that is to increase the large volumes of data. According to the report, 82 per cent. of the total internet traffic in 2022 strain from the video.

as more consumers and businesses will use this technology. The monthly traffic from the VR/AR will be 12-fold and grow from 0.33 exabytes in 2017 to 4,02 exabytes in 2022.

and the connections in 2022. It is equivalent to 3.6 units per person.

the fact that the daily internet traffic will be six times greater in the peak hour in 2022 as opposed to 2017.

from 2017 to 2022, where it will constitute four per cent. of the global internet traffic.

Source: Cisco’s report on global internet traffic