It can be expensive to divorce. Particularly in the UNITED states.

It can celebrity-lawyer Michael Avenatti sign. Avenatti, among other things, represent Stormy Daniels in her action against the president of the UNITED states Donald Trump, has reached a settlement in a bitter divorce case. And it costs him cams.

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the Couple sought divorce in december 2017, and here a year later, the decision has fallen, writes TMZ. Kendismediet have got access to sagsdokumenterne, which stated that a judge ordered Avenatti must pay Lisa Storie-Avenatti 250.000 dollars monthly in child support, retroactive from 1. January 2018. It brings the bill up on the three million Danish kroner.

in Addition, Avenatti pay Lisa Storie-Avenatti a monthly hustrubidrag on 820.000 euros. Also it happens with retroactive effect from 1. January, why the total bill here called well over 10 million dollars.

the ex-wife Lisa Avenatti gets a kæmpebeløb to conclude the divorce. Private

It is perhaps Betlike right to the pointy side to pull out of your pocket, so, according to the court documents have Avenatti accepted that he in addition to a small amount of money also due to deliver a strip of property to the ex-wife to compensate. She gets among the other five holdings, a Frank Gehry-sculpture and a lot of animal art, writes TMZ.

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in Addition, he must hand over the keys to his Ferrari 488 GT Spider, which he leased, and his law firm’s share in a private plane.

the Couple managed to be married for six years.

It has been speculated that Michael Avenatti were to attempt to hijack the presidency in 2020. The day before yesterday, he announced himself on Twitter that it’s not going to happen.