Verisure smoke detectors is connected to a round-the-clock alarm centre monitoring.Get sufficient smoke detectors, place them correctly and test regularly. Also review the home escape route and take care of it, that they needed a key.

Last week in Finland was celebrated fire safety week and not for nothing. At hand is that time of year when homes fire risk increases. Candles light are both in that out, the hearth is heated and food is placed on the more than usual and longer. Also faulty electrical devices can cause fires.

verisure commissioned by research* however, according to just under half (45%) of finns has tested the smoke detectors to their recommendations, i.e., once a month. Rescue school statistics, in recent years homes and other residential buildings occurred in the fire in only one-third had functional smoke detectors. Many homes also have smoke detectors too little in relation to the apartment size.

– If the fire detectors is too low, start a fire is detected in a timely manner. The most dangerous fire is the smoke that fills the apartment even for a few minutes, said Verisure communications manager Titta Jaakkola .

Decline to provide your home a suitable alarm system – you will get the answer in minutes

Neighbors noticed the fire, often until it’s too late

smoke alarms should be on each floor at least one 60 square metre. If a fire breaks out when no one is home, a sufficient number of smoke detectors not necessarily saved. The neighbors detect the fire, often only at the stage when the flames have already hit their home above.

If your home has a alarm centre monitor is connected to the alarm system, fire respond to early also when no one is home.

– when an Alarm is activated it will go immediately information Verisure alarm center, Sultanbet explaining the cause of the alarm and passed the necessary assistance at the scene, Jaakkola said.

smoke detectors are connected to a single camera detector. They take a series of images of the fire alarm event and sending images to the alarm center.

Decline to provide your home a suitable alarm system – you will get the answer in minutes

Traditional smoke alarm sounds may not wake up

Verisurella alarm system as part of the disposal of smoke detectors are so-called intelligent fire detectors. Smoke detectors are series connected and equipped with a speech function. System through the home will also be monitored around the clock.

– in case of Fire, every second is expensive, therefore the smoke must be detected in a timely manner. If one alarm detects smoke, all alarms are at the same time as well as alarm voice, that voice, Jaakkola said.

studies have found that the mere the fire alarm siren sound not to wake the children, nearly as sensitive as the voices and the siren sounds to connect to a fire alarm. For example, a Dundee university study, only 20 % of children woke up to conventional smoke alarm aloud. Voice over, combined with the siren’s voice sparked up to 90 % of children.

– it Is important that smoke detectors be found also in each room where you sleep. Home security mapping we revealed that the majority of homes lacking smoke detectors in the bedrooms, Jaakkola said.

When the intelligent fire alarm system is also connected to the speech centre, the alarm centre duty officer can discuss the people present with and give instructions.

Thus, residents are able to act promptly and in just the right way in a risk situation, Jaakkola says.

Decline to provide your home a suitable alarm system – you will get the answer in minutes

*the survey was carried out Verisure Oy, commissioned by YouGov Finland. The research was carried out 15.1.-17.1.2018 yougov’s consumer panel. The questionnaire was answered by 1006 over the 18-year-old Finnish. As well as the starting sample of the final respondent set was stressed in the Finnish adult population to be representative by age, gender and place of residence according to the