the Use of substances by women during pregnancy body care products with certain content, it could affect a study found that the onset of Puberty of their children. A long-term study information on such a connection between the substances diethyl phthalate and Triclosan, and a few months earlier Onset of puberty in girls. The scientists report Kim Harley of the University of California in Berkeley in the journal “Human Reproduction”.

Trend for earlier puberty

early puberty increases girls only the vulnerability to mental health problems, but also the long-term risk for breast and ovarian cancer. As in the past years, a Trend to earlier onset of puberty in girls, and probably boys emerges, researchers are looking at the causes. Good nutrition is certainly one reason, but also chemical substances such as phthalates, parabens and phenols, which are used as preservatives in cosmetics that are suspected to influence the development of young people.

The long-term effects of these substances looked at Harley in a long time study, especially diethyl phthalate (DEP) and Triclosan, are suspected of the hormone system of women. A lot of Triclosan found in the urine of the mother, the period of the daughters significantly earlier – for each doubling of the Triclosan concentration in the urine by an average of three weeks. In the case of the highest measured concentrations so about five months premature onset of Menstruation. The urine contained much mono-ethyl phthalate, a precursor of DEP, revealed the pubic hair of the girls even up to six months earlier.

The more Paraben in the urine of Casinoslot girls, the sooner the breast development or Vice versa?

Also, the urine of the 338 children examined in the course of the study. A high concentration of parabens stand, therefore, in the context of physical development: The more of Methylparaben was in the urine of 179 girls are measurable, the sooner your breast developed glands and Menstruation began. The same was true for propyl paraben and the development of pubic hair. At high values of these substances, the developments began about four to seven months earlier. In boys, the researchers found a significant connection only for Propylparaben. A high concentration of the substance in connection with an earlier maturation of the sex organs.

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puberty The stages of physical maturation

The evidence on these relationships are, however, not necessarily mean that the substances that trigger an early onset of Puberty. The girls who come in early in the puberty, may use more cosmetics, whose ingredients are found in the urine in higher concentrations. In the case of the values of the mothers, it is questionable whether the concentrations can be on the use of certain personal care products, as almost exclusively field work were tested, which could also be due to pesticides being charged, the researchers write. Further studies are needed to demonstrate the relationships clearly, other factors, and to explain the mechanisms in more detail. (with dpa)