Un general assembly adopted the , in 2003, that 9. December shall be the annual anti-korrupsjonsdagen. The goal of this day is to raise awareness about corruption as a social problem. A number of countries are struggling still with the extensive and pervasive corruption.

that often characterizes these countries is the lack of trust in those who govern and decide, and an uneven distribution of resources and benefits in favor of those who can afford to pay bribes. Regard to the environment, democratic processes, business and people’s security is set to page only one is willing to pay enough.

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The world bank, the OECD and the World Economic Forum points out that corruption is one of the biggest hurdles for sustainable economic, political and social development. The latter has estimated that korrupsjonsutbetalinger amounts to five per cent of world GDP.

Also in Norway occurs corruption . It is difficult to say for sure how big korrupsjonsfaren is, but in Økokrims threat assessment 2018 are referred to two surveys conducted by the Confederation Security council, and ks.

Baymavi Here, it appears that the well ten percent of Norwegian companies have knowledge of the corruption and 13 per cent of the municipal enhetslederne tells us that in the course of the last year felt pressure to favor the few.

It is like corruption in lokalforvaltningen and suspicions that Norwegian companies have paid bribes in foreign countries that captures the media’s attention. Two recent Økokrim cases, however, shows that foreign companies have bribed people in the Uk to secure contracts with Norwegian companies. The one case was in the summer legally settled after tilståelsesdom.

Sentenced, which was innkjøpsansvarlig in the three Norwegian companies, was sentenced to prison for two years and eight months after having received about 4.5 million from a british company and hidden payouts for employers. Tilståelsesrabatten constituted in this case around 30 per cent.

The other case is still under investigation, and also applies a high amount. The indictees have been willing to explain himself, and is cooperating with Økokrim about the enlightenment of the case.

Corruption is not a problem that can be defeated once and for all – the fight must be won each generation. Both businesses and the public must have good routines in order to uncover suspected economic crimes, and, not least, it must be followed up to make sure procedures are being complied with.

basically, it involves our attitudes and what we want to be guiding for the development of our society. It is also why the fight against corruption not only can be solved in straffesakssporet, but through the attitudes that are created in the homes, in school and in the workplace.

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