The Swedish elitserien in CS:GO+ FÖLJGranit Gaming and Frillkammare to slutspelE-SPORTS

After a devastating loss to so miss Stockholmslaget eighth map is the playoffs.

rather than take Granite Gaming and Frillkammare the last two semifinalplatserna.

Next weekend as they play for the total prize pool of one million dollars.

Conditions of Stockholmslaget eighth map was simple for the evening’s final game in the Swedish hockey league: a win against Brbdmalite from Kalmar would mean qualification to the finals.

eighth map is played, however nervously, and got a mardrömsstart with seven lost rounds in a row on the map Inferno. They finished the first half with a devastating 1-14-a disadvantage, and a miracle would be required for advancement.

A minimal hope was awakened when Stockholmslaget won the following pistolrundan, but Brbdmalite quickly hit back and won the match with 16-4.

– They probably made a mistake with the kartvalet, said Brbdmalite player Adam ”Bq” Bergqvist in Sportbladets broadcast after the game.

All finalists pass

It means that Onwin the eighth map now miss the playoffs after having ended up on the same number of points as Lundlaget Granite Gaming – who, however, has a better rundskillnad.

The fourth, and last, slutspelsplatsen went to the staff team Frillkammare that on Wednesday night, drove over Norrlands guld with 16-2. Earlier, it is also clear that Lilmix (Gothenburg, sweden) and Lotb (Kalmar) is ready for the semi-finals.

The four teams will meet at the Inferno Online in Stockholm on the seventh of december, before the big finals will be played the day after.


In tonight’s late match so it won Lotb from Kalmar to Stockholmslaget Spinboat with 16-8. It means that the Lotb is the winner in the regular season, while the Spinboat will have to qualify to stay in elitserien.

Now set Lotb against Granite Gaming, while Lilmix meet Frillkammare in the semi-finals.