It went certainly not quiet, as the radio host Tue Blædel, among other things, is known as the host of the program ‘Tue and Tony’ on the P3, in 2002 was on a longer stay in the UNITED states, where he in a year’s time, worked as an au-pair and so-called cabanaboy at a bar.

During their stay in the UNITED states exceeded the seasoned radio announcer namely conscious of his tourist visa, and it had consequences for Tue Blædel.

What he reveals in the title of the program ‘at assessing people’, sent on TV2 Zulu.

Here he tells that he was in Florida to visit a friend, when he got a job and therefore decided to linger a little longer than he to start with had planned.

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– While I was at my homeboy, I get wind of, that I can get a job. It was just after high school, and then I decided that I would be stuck. Well I had thought that I only had a tourist visa, but I did not expect that it would be discovered, but then I chose to take a driver’s license over there, and it was here that it went wrong, says Tue Blædel to Ekstra Bladet.

There went about eight months, and then I got a letter from the US Army, which, between the lines, wrote, that of course might not be in the UNITED states, when you don’t have permission, but that there was a way out of it, because you could get the temporary residence permit. They then wrote, that if I have not answered, there would be a service car and pick me up, and I went in ‘full blown panic’, and I was scared witless, even though it’s probably in retrospect was just scaremongering to get people to sign up, continue Tue Blædel.

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Tue Blædel has previously been hosted on ‘Go’ morgen P3’s with Sara Bridge and Tony Scott. Casino Siteleri Photo: DR

By DR, the host had opened and read the letter, he went in a few days and thought over what he now had to make up.

I went and pondered over it for a few days, but I quickly came back to, that I just needed to home and far away. I said to them, I worked for that I had to take home. I then went over to a friend in northern New York to try to get away from the address, the authorities had on me, says the radio host.

At the friend pondered Tue Blædel, once again, what he should do, and how he should come home to Denmark.

– When I came to my buddy, I thought a lot about whether I should take hold of the authorities and say: ‘Sorry, but I will just like home’. But dare I simply do not. I was completely anxiety. It was right at the start of the Iraq war, so I thought that the authorities could find anything, he says with a big grin.

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Tue Blædel therefore decided simply to escape out of the country without informing the authorities about anything.

I took a big chance and decided that I would fly home at a time when there was really busy, and where I maybe would not be noticed. So I booked a time in the early morning. I was sweating game much, and I had it, as if I smuggled drugs, since I went through the airport, he says.

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Fortunately for Tue Blædel was he not apprehended at the airport.

– nothing happened, and I could fly home to Denmark in peace and quiet. But since I had landed on English soil, I had it is still quite weird, and a long time after I was worried if I would ever be able to fly to the US again. I would, for example, associated with the DR in connection with the choice once, and that I should apply for tourist visa. There I waited just that they took hold of me and sent me to Guantanamo, but I got off luckily with fright, laughing Tue Blædel.

– It was a good and really fun time in the UNITED states, but it was good enough in a severe sentence, it sounds from the DR-host with a grin.