Aftenposten on page 1: are Now working three times more with cannabis use than coal in the united STATES and the newspaper (the newspaper for our vestkantlesere with the newspaper Aftenposten on the door) says that the number of cannabis users is rising rapidly all over the world and that the revenue flows into and that it in North America is projected that industry revenues will increase from 79 billion Norwegian kroner to 403 billion over the next ten years. the

also be it so that investors and politicians gnier in your hands. We should not say free inhalation of cannabis in the Uk, but we believe – especially in these akevittider – that it to dump a little on the very strict rules could have done well both economically, socially and medically. Yes, we believe in fact it should have been allowed to smoke marijuana in densely populated areas, in the 50 zones and for those who pay the tax with pleasure. the

And, think about the the many dobbeltmoralistene in the Norwegian parties had though that a tjall is the new oil and that there is more tax dollars in tåkeheimen than of the breeders of the skit & salmon and that the legal sale would also create many new jobs. the

just Imagine, folks: Lay down pelsnæringen and replaced it with a rev or two thousand? Get cannabisselskaper, as in Canada and the united STATES, inn on the stock exchange such that Today’s Businesses create pages HIGH COURSE and After the Forvetbet Brush, editor It Engdal and this writer. the

We would also be able to gained experience in a stunning apple – and cannabisblomstring in Hardanger. The world CHAMPIONSHIP in cod in Svolvær at the same time with the world cup in skeeev in Reine. This would also have had an attendance of around 45 per cent with their new prayers in the meetings. the

social media would we all used #hasjtagg. And not least: If the editor Trygve Hegnar had taken a well-deserved blow, and at the same time earned huge money in a joint venture, as would maybe his leaders in Mallorca become a little less steingale than they are now. the

Advertising: Cannabis for the elite and cannabis for great. We in the Newspaper could be pulled out, “Always in front”, in the revised edition during the anniversary year 2019 with a text which goes like this: Always-ha-ha-ha-ha-an.