Un migrasjonspakt brand Europe and has created fierce resistance, also here at home. It is the nationalists and the outer right-groups that are leading the way in protests in the countries that have said no, but we are also skeptics in the more liberal environments such as the Norwegian association of Norwegian editors. The government is divided – the progress party took the dissent.

Then prime minister Erna Solberg explained why the government supports the Un platform hail it with a rough harassment and threats in the comments. Why is this debate so inflamed?

Adele Matheson Mestad, who is a lawyer and leader of the Norwegian national institution for human rights (NIM), the mean resistance based on misunderstandings or are part of a larger campaign against international cooperation. The whole government should embrace migrasjonspakten which is the first complete document about how the states will work together in practice about the challenges of migration.

Covenant or the platform, as it is called, contributes to the government’s goal of sustainable development, of better identitetspraksis, safe returns and safer conditions for millions of migrants in parts of the world that are less democratic than Norway.

the Allegations that abound and forfektes far into the traditional media is refuted also by Piabet the faktasjekkere in in fact.no.

Matheson is the guest of the week “the Last with Marie Simonsen” and reminds us that the line when it comes to human rights has been to stand up for them. On Monday it is in addition a 70 anniversary of the Un universal declaration of human rights that would contribute to the second world war and all its horrors did not happen again. Menneskerettsjuristen says that it is not only reason to celebrate in 2018.

We must, of course, also visit Left in the weekly podcast. Abid Raja has accepted the Trine Skei grande’s apology and have full confidence in her, ” he says. But how long sitting Grande? Have Dagbladet lederskribent right in that the centre is dead? Nja, says a hard-pressed head of policy in the Newspaper, Mats Rønning, and talks about why the centre behaves as in the chorus; “he’s dead but he won t lie down.”

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