In the course of Wednesdays got verdensstjernen Emma Watson, its millions of fans to scratch his head in confusion over a very special nøgenbillede, which she had posted on her instagram profile where she has more than 49 million followers.

At the beautiful black-and-white image is a naked woman in a worn-out old apartment. And she covers both her face and tits with something floral fractured wallpaper. And with the torn wallpaper covering, she is also his sex.

the Confusion was created because the many at first glance thought it was Emma Watson, who posed half-naked on the artistic nøgenbillede, as you can see below.

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One of Emma watson’s many fans writes:

‘Emma, is it you? You look amazing.’

another writes:

‘You are beautiful’.

But gradually found Emma watson’s fans out that it’s not actually Emma Watson, posing in the picture. It is, however, a self-portrait of the famous and now Safirbet deceased photographer Francesca Woodman. Her self-portraits have previously, according to the Daily Star been exhibited in the context of a feminist exhibition in the gallery Victoria Miro in London.

the Article continues under the picture …

It was not Emma Watson, who posed naked on her own instagram profile. It was a self-portrait of photographer Francesca Woodman. (Photo: Ritzau/Scanpix)

Several of Emma watson’s fans admitted in their comments that they had initially thought that it was Emma Watson, who posed nude in the picture.

A fan wrote:

‘Oh Merlin. I actually thought that it was Emma.

another wrote:

‘was I good enough cheated.’

While a third wrote:

‘In a second I actually thought it was Emma Watson’.

The majority of comments roses in addition to Emma Watson for having posted this beautiful picture.

But there is no doubt that Emma Watson is excited about the late photographer’s images. Verdensstjernen, who was known for her role as Hermione Granger in the popular Harry Potter film, has also previously declared themselves as feminist.

The politically active actress was in 2014 also the goodwill ambassador for the united nations. And she got lots of complimentary comments when she gave a speech about feminism and sexual equality at the united nations headquarters in New York.

Here is the Emma Watson speech at the united nations in 2016. (photo: AP)

Emma Watson, with the curly hair in the first row seen here in the role of Hermione Granger. (Photo: All Over Press)