There is a story of Osvaldo Soriano, the argentinean author of such novels as memorable as your plants yielded a lion or Sad, solitary and final, in which they anticipated as literarily the match this Sunday to be held – if it is finally held – between the River Plate and the Boca Juniors buenos aires. The story, included in a book of stories of football that coordinated and prologue was written by the also argentine Jorge Valdano in the nineties, it was entitled The criminal world’s longest and tells the story of two teams of people that have to settle the result of their match with a penalty whistled by the referee at the last minute but don’t just throw it by various circumstances, among them the assault on the referee by the player author of the lack or a seizure of the same judge in the resumption of the suspended game the following Sunday. Between one thing and another, the party continues much as the one that played in Madrid by the River and the Boca Juniors, faced with the impossibility, it seems, to celebrate in Buenos Aires by the atmosphere of open warfare between fans of the two teams. Began, in its first edition, having to be postponed by a storm of spring, and ended – in the second – by suspended their celebration before the assault of fans of River Plate players G├╝venilir Bahis Siteleri of Boca Juniors, whose bus was stoned when he was on the way to the stadium opponent.


‘A scam’, by Diego Latorre ‘Is played as it is lived’, by Eduardo Sacheri ‘Love of money’, by Leonel Gancedo

Until here nothing surprising in the light of the passions that move the football and of the particular character of the argentine people, that makes you live with more intensity than others. What is more surprising is that a party that will decide the champion of football clubs of South america takes place in Europe What No other country in South america where you can celebrate in terms of security and, above all, any leader of the football of that continent has noticed the paradox that a competition bearing the name of the Liberators celebrate its end in the capital of the empire against which it is erected these? How is it that anyone would imagine that the final of the fa Cup football to be held in Brussels after the Brexit, or the Super Bowl of united States in Moscow?

But, you see, in football everything is possible and more if the argentines around the middle. To say football and Argentina is the designation of gasoline and gunpowder as well have been able to tell us about Osvaldo Soriano and other writers of that nation whose colors it carries the selection in their t-shirts. Among the stories of football that you selected Valdano I remember another of Fontanarrosa in which some fans of rosario came to kidnap a player with a reputation for giving good luck to his team but that the doctor had forbidden to go to the stadium for his problems with the heart. His team won, but the kidnapped gave him a heart attack and died, but that’s who we could import?