Experiential Travel is our country’s only IKEA family shopping center, which are found in the rest of the world the nordic countries and Europe but also from China and Russia.Christmas travel to the shopping centre in Kuopio is a cozy family place where is easy to get to spend time together.

Christmas costume clothed in a shopping centre in Kuopio to receive the visitor already entered in to a warm embrace. Christmas lights fluorescent welcome atmosphere at the common time, in which going also christmas major purchases like himself. Travel in the time passed too easily a whole day.

Almost 80 movement, offering your favorite products for the whole family. Travel should be a distance

the shopping center in the range of approximately 80 movement range you will find everything you need for christmas, and in particular IKEA store location under the same roof make Matkuksesta unique hangout kind in Finland, is not found in the other. Travel Shopping Center is located 11 Bahis Siteleri kilometers from Kuopio, highway five along the way, so it’s easy to deviate from even passing through.

Space and easy access to trade centre offers excellent facilities especially for families with children who visit the trade center has been given special attention.

travel in are shown as world-class brands than the local products IKEA store with under the same roof. Finland’s stunning family room

a cozy little children for families referred to home-mode offers a chance to breathing space the moment of shopping interspersed with.

Bright and spacious family room to find their own areas for changing diapers, eating, and playing. The kitchen has a chance to heat up your own food, living room side can rest lokoisiin on the couch, also breastfeeding is reserved for their own sheltered space.

Bright and spacious family room designed especially for small children the needs of families. More along with the

travel to the numerous events offer fantastic experiences to experience together with family, friends and loved ones with all seasons. Christmas the most important guest of honor Travel is, of course, Santa claus himself!

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