“Never change a winning team.” A sporty principle, particularly in the football a high priority. But it could also be so – not just in Sport – that is also of a very successful “individual fighters” better hands when he has established himself as a leader, and this Position unchallenged. So, as is the Toyota Corolla, the best-selling car in the world, since decades. Over 45 million Times, the Japanese have produced their eternal best seller since 1966, the compact model will surpass in 2018 sales target of at least a Million loose. Since even the number 2 in worldwide sales, can’t-hit parade, the Pick-up F-150 from Ford USA, keep up, and the VW Golf. Europe’s high-Flyer is currently in third place.

Auris had no Chance against main rival Golf

Still, Toyota is believed to have this principle of shaking. Because it was feared in Tokyo, against the powerful by the end of the upgrade European competition with the rather stuffy-looking (but always reliable) Corolla in the booming segment of compact to be able to in the future not keep up, the Japanese in 2006, instead of the upcoming tenth Corolla Generation of the newly developed Auris on the market. In the design centre in Belgium to European conditions trimmed and in the UK Toyota plant in burn Aston made, should the Corolla successor, so the idea of the customers on the Old continent fully convince was. He did not but. On the contrary, In a direct comparison with the main competitors in Golf, the Auris fell back.

Tempi passati. On the failed decision at the time, raised, harvested at Yasushi Uede best if a Roman’s Smile. Words about the Toyota chief engineer like to lose today, no more. Why? With the twelfth Generation of Mobilbahis its Corolla, which is co-responsible for Uede, beats Toyota in all respects a new Chapter. And this is also true for Europe – not only of the new (old) Name.

“We have made the twelfth Generation to a completely new global platform, in the future, all model variants of the Corolla will be based,” explains Uede. He says the five-door Hatchback, the hatchback sedan and the Touring Sports. At the same time he also makes it clear that Toyota will in the future allow no experiments à la Auris.

Nevertheless, there will be an exception, but for Swiss customers, so there seems to be a positive. Because of the station wagon, the Toyota Touring Sports is called, is not in Tokyo, but in the Design center of the Japanese in the Belgian Zaventem styled “in close cooperation with us,” as for the Combi-competent chief engineer Toshio Kanei emphasized.

combination works dynamisc dog elegant

in fact, the Asian-European design team of the opportunities presented by the new, modular TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) has brought out a lot of. In comparison to 4.37 m short sedan, the station wagon was stretched to 28 inches. For this reason alone, the car almost creates the jump in the middle class. The Combi also has a very flat and dynamic, but also elegant. And he is in any case more than only one variant of the Hatchback. Not only by the space on offer here.

Until the Touring Sports, however, on the road, it will take a while. The Comeback of the Corolla, as the Corolla is to be held in Switzerland in the next spring. At first, short trial with pre-production models at the beginning of November, the cars that were on trips in any case, still slightly disguised – the good visual impression, especially when Touring Sports did this however no abort.

Two full-hybrid-versions

for the First time in the long history of the Corolla will be the top seller of the hybrid pioneer Toyota in two economical, environmentally friendly drive versions. The full hybrid system with a 1.8-litre petrol engine makes 122 HP, in combination with the 2.0-litre unit with 180 HP. The fuel consumption of the Toyota is 3.4 to 3.8 litres, more realistic 5.0 to 5.5 liters, as a first test drive has shown. Alternatively, the Japanese offer the Corolla with a 1.8 litre large Turbo gasoline engine with 120 HP. Prices are not yet known.

Peter Hegetschweiler drove the new Corolla at the invitation of Toyota, Switzerland, on 1. November in Spain. (editor-in-Tamedia)

Created: 07.11.2018, 21:38 PM