the Name is different, and the price is lower.

But otherwise the idea behind the Strong Wi-Fi Mesh Home Kit 1600 is basically the same, which in this set is called the Strong 1600 Mbit/s Range Extender – which we tested in 2016.

Then we had, however, not much to compare with, but since both Google WiFi and other high reliability systems conquered the market.

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It is the inner values that separates the two Strong shows from 2016, and so now. Physically designed the same, but the units in the boxsættet is now the pair direct from the factory and can with the maximum of six units cover at least 800 square meters.

During our testing was a set of however, plenty. And it matched in speed and the response time of the Google WiFi system, we use as a reference.

Reacher products and the app is not built as nice as Google’s, but also costs 1150 dollars less for a set, than Google will have for their.

at the same time is not only performance, but also the setup and management via Rightmove mesh app almost on par with that Google offers.


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So many square meters promises Strong, that their meshrouter can cover.

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The welcome by the products which are Strong and other competitors of Google have been presented in the years, is that the committee of good meshroutere is constantly growing.

But since it is not only the network’s strength and reliability that counts, you should look at the extra features that a system offers, before you decide.

In Strongs case, you can use the app to monitor the devices on your network and determine who will be online when. It is also possible to make a schedule, so the entire network is ‘asleep’ along with the rest of the family.

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Among other things, bredbåndsselskabet Waoo has given Strong means by selling products to their customers.

The stamp we understand Waoo have shared out. For chasing you a fairly low-cost, but well-functioning meshnetværk you can usefully start here.

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