New record number of participants at the 19. Edition of the Zürcher Samichlaus-swimming: 352 partially costumed people were from the nasty weather conditions do not prevent, and dared the jump into the cold water of the Limmat river.

river and air on the meadows this Sunday with a temperature of around nine degrees. However, 261 of the participants decided to swim across the traditional distance of 111 meters, in addition to the Extra-mile. The main sponsor paid in addition to the 10 Swiss francs per Person at the MS society.

The Santa Claus-was Swimming İmajbet in this year sold out: more Than 390 Tickets were sold, around 40 people, it was probably too cold. The event was accident-free, as the organizers informed. In addition to divers over 40 volunteers ensured a smooth process.

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allows those Who want to swim in the “cool event”, must be at least 16 years old and be healthy. A wetsuit or a layer of petroleum jelly are allowed, but it really is Fun, it is only in a bathing suit or swimming trunks, the organizers and many participants. Costume, however, is allowed and encouraged.

Since 2011, will be sold Tickets with a surcharge. Also, these donations go this year to the MS society. 20. Santa Claus-Swimming will take place at 8. December 2019 instead.


Created: 09.12.2018, 18:27 PM