“It’s time to finish well with a title” in this “difficult-to-win competition,” Paris captain SG Marquinhos said on Friday, on the eve of the Coupe de France final against Lyon in Villeneuve-d’Ascq. (North). “It’s a very special competition, I’ve won it a few times,” the Brazilian said at a press conference. Sometimes ? Six. One less than Marco Verratti. “Winning a title is always a challenge, an important challenge. I don’t think about records. Just to be competitive and win as many trophies as possible with my team,” he insists. The fact that PSG did not win the two previous editions “shows how difficult it is to win it, it’s up to us to do what it takes to win it back”.

“All the players have good energy, we will be ready for this battle,” also warned Marquinhos, who mentioned future starter Kylian Mbappé. “Kylian has been a very important player for us all the years he has spent here. For his last match with us, we will try to use him in the best possible way. That must be a special motivation for him. And for us also to see him play, to score one last time with the PSG jersey, to win one last title with him to celebrate this last match with him. And to continue: “It’s our last match, on which a title is being played, it was a long season, there are a lot of matches, of competition, the best way to finish is to play a final, it’s It’s time to finish well, with a title.” PSG has already won two this season, the Champions Trophy but also and above all Ligue 1. Not the Champions League.