A rising star in MMA, Frenchman Benoît Saint Denis suffered a setback when he was knocked out by the experienced American Dustin Poirier on Saturday at UFC 299 in Miami. This Sunday morning, the former special forces returned to his defeat through an Instragam post, in which he “apologizes” and explains one of the reasons for his poor performance.

“Unfortunately, tonight I was not able to fully express myself. My body didn’t keep up after a week of antibiotics to fight an infection. (…) I was present but my body was absent, it did not react as usual. I only had one round to give you,” he explained while writing: “Sorry for disappointing you, I will come back stronger, thank you to Dustin (Poirier) for accepting this fight. It was impossible for me not to seize the opportunity of such a fight.” “The God of War” thus suffered the second defeat of his career and will have to go through intermediate fights before catching a glimpse of the summit.