‘Tourists are being warned to be at least ten feet away from the water, which gives total sense, since no crocodiles bother to go the whole 11 yards for a meal’.

The anecdote is just one of many, as the new zealand comedian Chris Drabble pulling up of the sleeve in a hilarious ’turistvideo’ about Australia that have gone viral on Facebook and has been viewed over 1.5 million times since Thursday.

The typing of the australian media News.com.au.

Australia and New Zealand’s relationship with each other can probably be best described as the love/hate relationship with Sweden, and therefore the video has created big attention ‘Down Under’.

In the video starts the comedian by saying that ’there is no more beautiful place to go to than in Queensland, which is Australia’s largest state and an extremely popular holiday destination for tourists the world over.

– Welcome to the northern part of Queensland in Australia. Do you want to have a swim in the tropical paradise? What you can not here, for here is crocodiles. But don’t worry, they have put a sign up, says comedian and continues to make laugh with to be the apparently relaxing approach to the most deadly animals on the esmer porno beach:

– You would think that there would be signs over everything at such a popular tourist destination, but no no… One is enough!, joker he.

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In the video makes the new zealander also fun with the nicknames, which the australians use to describe dangerous animals such as ‘stingers’ (Portuguese orlogsmænd), ‘della’ (crocodiles), and the ‘salties’ (saltwater crocodiles).

– For bonus information so they also have ‘stingers’ here, which doesn’t sound so bad, right? But actually it is the ‘stingers’ just australian slang for one of the world’s most toxic marinedyr. But yes… ’the Stingers’ is a good name, saith the Chris Drabble in the video.

– And now remember that if you are paddling around in the deep water, and one of the locals shouts out, that there are ‘salties’ in the vicinity, then it is not because there are dolphins or other harmless molluscs close, but it actually means that there is a gigantic, carnivorous reptiles on the way towards you, he continues.

At the end mentions the new zealand comedian and also the large selection of deadly snakes and spiders in Queensland, before he makes the tourists aware of some of the best about Australia:

The best part is that you do not have to pay for a return ticket, for the chance that you can go home again, is minimal.

You can see all the funny ’turistvideo’ including:

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