What can you call a private plane! Latsamy McAdoo from Miami was something of a surprise, since she is on her vacation in Thailand to fly from Bangkok to Kuh Samui.

the American has family in Thailand and often takes the flight from Bangkok, but this time something was different. Usually the plane is filled to the brim, but since boardingen was over, she discovered that she was completely alone aboard the Airbus319-plane.

I was shocked and said that if it was only me so didn’t need to take of the place, but they told me that there was on Koh Samui was the passengers, as they would have with the back, says Latsamy McAdoo.

the Incident took place in January of this year, however, the video was first published in October and has now been shared Vegabet extensively on the web.

Watch her video from the very special flight over the article.

At the beginning of the flight enjoyed Latsamy McAdoo the extraordinary experience.

– It was exciting and fun to start with. They only came to me when they had to show the safety briefing, I was allowed to run up and down the aisles of the plane and to dance for myself and I got unlimited food and drink, she says.

After some turbulence due to heavy storm, which also extended the duration of the flight by 30 minutes, because it was impossible to land, began the american fear for the rush of life, and in the video it is seen how the mood changes significantly.

the Pilot landed in the end the aircraft safely, and Latsamy McAdoo is now happy that she has a fun story to tell.