HANAU – One of the mysteries of Tobias Rathjen that is shaking Germany is how could a psychopath have a gun. And, even if not involved directly with the massacre of Hanau, one scoop of Spiegel throws a shadow on the way in which they are managed permits to possess handguns, rifles and ammunition. Thorsten W., one of the police commando terrorist neo-nazi “Group’s” arrested a week ago, had been to Hamm from 2013 to 2014 and had worked in the office where you assign the port of the weapons. And investigators are trying to understand if in that period would have granted the licence to neo-nazis like him.

However, Thorsten W. has never hidden its extremist tendencies: in the free time disguised as a German warrior, was filled with the face of the celtic runes and he was posting photos on Facebook. On its pages, the investigators have found swastikas and symbols of the nazis, clearly visible to anyone. And the policeman expressed his views racist and radical also in the workplace. Today, the colleagues of Hamm admit to “not having put together the individual pieces of the puzzle”.

A little late as an admission, after the discovery of the commando Group “S” that planned armed assault on mosques, which the police seized on Friday last, a remarkable arsenal, including chemical weapons and a grenade. The chief was a certain Werner S. (from which “Group S.”) said “Teutonic”. Shortly after the creation of the terrorist cell, the neo-nazis had already begun to plan attacks in ten different Land. In an internal chat, the policeman, Thorsten W. had admitted to “dream of the Walhalla”, the death in battle of the germans. Luckily it was stopped.

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