The hotel of u.s. president Donald Trump in Washington is becoming a headache for the mogul. The details of a booking bulk funded by the government of Saudi Arabia only a month after the republican came to the White House have the president once more under the magnifying glass. The information revealed this Wednesday by The Washington Post comes a few hours that the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia, requested by the judicial branch to the republican a number of documents relating to its business, including the accounts of his hotel in the capital.


The wealth of Trump is lowered by $ 400 million from the president The Trump hotel in Washington doubled in business-to-Sea-to-Lake

The research based on documents which had access the u.s. newspaper concludes that lobbyists backed by the saudi Government paid more than 500 nights at the Trump hotel as part of “a campaign unorthodox that offered trips to the military veterans of the USA”. The reserves were organized during the first two months of the mandate of the republican in 2017. Those benefited by the journey, increasing in number, according to the Post, I knew that Saudi Arabia was behind the funding of the luxurious amenities.

As part of the package, the Safirbet organizers took them to the veterans protest outside of Congress that he had recently annulled the veto of the former president Barack Obama about the law of Justice against Sponsors of Terrorism. The new regulations allowed the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks against the Twin Towers in 2001 they could sue foreign governments. Of the 19 hijackers involved in the September 11 attacks, 15 were saudi citizens. This legislative change has meant a series of costly litigation by the role attributed to it by those affected to Saudi Arabia.

Before Trump were president, the lobbyists for the saudis had already organized similar travel for veterans and always staying in a hotel in the north of Virginia. However, in December of 2016, when you already knew the election results, they changed the majority of their business at the Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington. In all, lobbyists spent more than 270,000 dollars (237.000 euros) in accommodation for the visitors. These reserves, which until this week were not known publicly the details, have fueled federal lawsuits that allege that Trump violated the Constitution by accepting improper payments from foreign governments.

When the Post asked one of the organizers if they wanted to choose the hotel of Trump was to win his favour, the response was: “Absolutely not. It had nothing to do with that. A little bit,” said Michael Gibson, a political agent. The veterans interviewed argue that they learned after the trip that I had paid the saudi government and are fearful of not only have helped to convey its message to Capitol hill, if not also to cooperate with the business representative.