despite his physical disability and the mental, the palestinian Mohamed Kabali, 22 years old, earning his living by doing errands and small jobs in a refugee camp of Tulkarem, a town northwest of the west bank border with Israel. In the early hours of Tuesday, came out on to the street like many of its neighbors in the western part of the city in the presence of patrols of the israeli Army were searching several houses. A video broadcast by the local channel Fajer TV and played this Sunday on the website of the israeli newspaper Haaretz shows Kabali walking with a stick that served as a cane, along with other people, who apparently retreated before the deployment of the soldiers, who are left out of the picture. In these two shots from different angle it is observed the time at which plummets after receiving an impact from the back.

The news agency, the palestinian Wafa news agency reported on Tuesday that the young man had died shortly after being admitted in the hospital Thabet Thabet of the same locality as the result of gunshot wounds to the head. Hundreds of neighbors accompanied their remains hours later in a procession to the funeral, in which the governor of Tulkarem, he read a message of condolence and condemnation of “the crimes of the occupation,” israeli envoy for the palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas.

The palestinian Muhammad Hussam Habali killed by israeli forces. MA’AN NEWS AGENCY

From the Army of Israel, a spokesperson conveyed to Matadorbet the press that the forces deployed in an operation in Tulkarm were faced with “violent altercations in which dozens of palestinians threw stones”. “The troops responded first with a media riot and then with live ammunition,” said the same source military, not to mention that it would have been low.

The images are now widespread not show the existence of riots or clashes. In the darkness of the early morning, several palestinians observe the movements of the military (outside of the scene) while walking away. One of the last to retire is Mohamed Kabali, who returns the glance back a few seconds before collapsing on the roadway.

Despite the fact that Tulkarm is located in the call Area of the west bank, which according to the Oslo Accords of 1993, the Palestinian Authority maintains exclusive competencies of security, the israeli troops burst with frequency in their streets and in other cities of the west bank, occupied militarily since 1967, in order to perform searches and round-ups. The Israeli Army has opened an investigation into the death of a palestinian man in Tulkarem is separated from Israel by walls and fences with barbed-wire fences and located just 16 kilometers from the beaches of the Mediterranean.