The French Government increased on Thursday its appeals for calm, in view that not even the announcement that it will suspend the rise in the price of fuel throughout 2019 has managed to appease the wrath of the yellow vests, that movement without leaders with clear that has been raised against some government action, and that threatens to manifest itself this Saturday in Paris for the fourth weekend in a row. At the same time, the Executive of Emmanuel Macron has made it clear that it will deploy the necessary means to prevent acts of vandalism like those suffered last week, when shops, vehicles and even national monuments like the Arch of Triumph were severely damaged. Up of 89,000 members of the forces of law and order will be deployed in the whole of France, including 8,000 in Paris, announced on the night the prime minister, Édouard Philippe.

Also the mayors and the major unions have condemned “any form of violence” at the protests, in spite of everything continue to spread sectors such as high schools: up to 200 establishments remained this Thursday blocked or partially blocked, according to the French press. The Paris police has recommended to the shops and restaurants of the Champs-Élysées to close Saturday, fearing new disturbances, according to a document distributed to traders. In addition, about a dozen of museums of the French capital, including the Louvre, the Orsay, the Grand Palais, the Petit Palais and the Orangerie, close their doors, while the Opera of Paris annulled his shows as a precaution. Also the Eiffel tower is scheduled to close this Saturday.

In a speech before the Senate, on the second day of accountability before the legislative branch, Philippe reiterated the call made by the minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, to the yellow vests, who have been asked “not to go to Paris to be revealed”. This is not, stressed the head of Government, to limit the freedom of expression, but “not to fall into the trap that we tend the violent groups”. The pair, Philippe made it clear that it will reinforce security measures to prevent further acts of vandalism. In addition to the deployment of 89,000 troops in all the country (in the beginning spoke of 65,000), the Government will make use of “media exceptional” to contain the violence, said the prime minister before the senators, without detailing those extraordinary measures are planned.


Who speaks in the name of the ‘yellow vests’?

But in an interview on the news of the chain TF1, Philippe confirmed that the sabbath will be employed in Paris “a dozen armored vehicles” of the gendarmerie. I did not decide yet about the eventual presence of military to strengthen the security of the institutions, as they had claimed the unions of the police, according to the Agency France Presse. In any case, stressed the prime minister, it shall be sufficient devices to contain acts Milanobet of violence because “we are faced with people who are not here to manifest but to cause destruction”.

“we will Continue to show the greatest firmness. We will fight against hate and violence” has been limited to insisting Philippe, hours after from the Elysee to recognize that there are “reasons to fear a great violence” on Saturday, in what the yellow vests called the “Act IV” of their mobilizations. Particularly in the wake of statements by some spokesmen of the yellow vests as Eric Drouet, who, during a televised debate Wednesday night between representatives of the protest movement and two ministers, said that its intention is to arrive on the Saturday until the Elysée. “And if we come, we come”, added to stupor up to the moderators.

This is a fear shared by a new wave of violence has led to unions also join together to call for calm. After a closed-door meeting in Paris, the major trade union organizations in the country, including the CFDT, the CGT and FO, have issued a statement on Thursday demanding the Government “guaranteed in order to real negotiations” on the social demands, ranging from the improvement of purchasing power to housing issues, public services and taxation. The pair however, and despite qualify as “legitimate” the “wrath” of the yellow vests, have been emphatic at the time of “to denounce all forms of violence in the expression of the claims”. “The dialogue and the listener must again find its place in our country”, underlined.

similarly, the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) has urged all the rulers of the country to “make an appeal for calm, dialogue and end to violence” in their communities.

Meanwhile, the prefecture of the police of the capital has called on the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and the districts of the city to discuss the security device expected. According to the sarpanch, only in “urban furniture”, the violence of last Saturday left a bill of three to four million euros. In addition to material damage, the merchants have also denounced a sharp decline in sales because of the riots, precisely one of the moments most hectic of the year with the arrival of Christmas.

The protests of the yellow vests are affecting the world of sport: at the moment, four matches of the League 1, planned for this weekend have been postponed, among them the Paris Saint-Germain against Montpellier on Saturday and Olympique de Marseille against AS Saint-Etienne on Sunday.