Michael Cohen, exabogado and close associate of Donald Trump, deserves a prison sentence “substantial” in spite of having cooperated with the investigation on the interference of russia in the elections of 2016. So has expressed the team of federal prosecutors, in a long-awaited report in which they explain that Cohen has provided useful information to the investigation, but has refused to share all that he knows.

The lawyer, one day he said he would be willing to take a bullet for Trump, but in the last few weeks has become the target of choice of his anger, had asked not to pay with jail for two separate cases, on which it is expected the sentence to be imposed next week: one for violations of the rules governing the financing of election campaigns, and another for lying to Congress about his manoeuvres during the campaign of the last presidential to successfully lift a skyscraper of Trump in Moscow that was never built.


All the liars of the president The exabogado Trump admits that he lied to Congress about the plot, Russian Trump calls for a heavy sentence of imprisonment for exabogado

But prosecutors in the southern district of New York recommend in your writing that you must comply to a penalty of imprisonment “substantial.” The federal law provides for their crimes a penalty of up to five years in prison, and prosecutors recommended a modest reduction.

Cohen, say prosecutors, “sought to influence elections from the shadows”. “What did orchestrating the illegal payments and secret to silence two women who otherwise would have been made public extramarital affairs with the individual 1,” says the paper, in references to the now president.

In a separate writing, the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, the head of research of the weft Russian, Betkanyon calls “serious” the crime of Cohen, but adds that it has “taken significant steps to mitigate his criminal conduct”. “He has come far to help the investigation of the special prosecutor,” writes Mueller.

The special prosecutor ensures that Cohen provided “useful information on certain issues related to Russia, central to the research”. It refers to “information about their own contacts with Russian interests during the campaign” and a “detailed account” of his efforts during his presidential race to build a tower of Trump in Moscow.

Revealed Cohen, adds the brief filed Friday, a contact previously unknown to a Russian citizen in November of 2015, five months after tore officially the presidential campaign of Trump, who said to be a person “of trust” in Moscow and offered to the campaign of the property tycoon, a “synergy” policy. That person, according to Cohen, he suggested repeatedly a meeting between Trump and the president Putin, alleging that such meeting could have an impact, “phenomenal” both “political” as “business”. The lawyer explains that he did not accept the invitation, because they had another partner Russian for the real estate project by Trump in Moscow. Ensures Cohen, who spoke with Trump about a possible meeting with Putin during the UN General Assembly of 2015, shortly after the tycoon announced his presidential candidacy.

Cohen, 52, was convicted last August of violating the laws of campaign financing, to organize payments to silence women who claimed to have had sexual intercourse with Trump, as well as other federal crimes related to their business activity and tax. Last November 30, has pleaded not guilty, also, of having provided false information to Congress to reduce the extent of their contacts with Russian officials to bring forward the frustrated real estate project of today president in Moscow. The crimes of Cohen, say prosecutors, mark “a pattern of deception that has permeated his professional life”.