The worst thing had always sounded better in the head of the electorate of left-wing Italian. The Democratic Party (PD), the only big match on the banks of the meager opposition to the populist Government of the League and the Movement 5 Stars (M5S), the last frontier of social-democracy in Italy, still in the throes of an implosion by chapters. A few months after the congress where he was to be elected its new leader, the party has returned to blush to their voters. Marco Minniti, former minister of the Interior and favorite to lead the re-edition of the project, resigned Wednesday to the primary. The reason, he says, is that a possible situation of technical draw as it was presumed would have been fatal to the formation. In reality, Minniti had been in the last few days that the former prime minister Matteo Renzi, in place of support as he had promised, he was preparing the launch of a new party.

The rumor has gained strength this week. Renzi, touched by an incurable curse election after the constitutional referendum held two years ago, he meditates seriously give a slam to the PD and create a new formation composed by citizen movements and faces of the civil society with a indisimulable aroma with a Macron. The idea, confirmed by this newspaper, would be to put into circulation the new artifact to the beginning of the year to try it out in the european elections in may. If eventually it does —it takes flirting with that idea for months, and in public continues to desmintiéndolo—, he has told his own that would not be in any case a “split off” and not would take them with him to no current the old PD. Only new faces to fight the front national-populist who is armando around the League and Marine Le Pen. A project that aim to recover the centrality of politics in Italy and return hope to an electorate that has ceased to go to the polls. But who cares about today’s political centralism?

An idea, owing to some sectors of the center-left Italian (there’s been discussions also with some sectors of Forza Italia), but lethal to the restructuring that prepared the PD next march. The congress had to rely to one of the three candidates the future of training in full decomposition. Minniti, a possible antidote to the rise blazing of the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, thanks to its profile as a hard man, forged in the Ministry of the Interior, realized in the last few weeks that the polls were not as favorable as I thought. In addition to the perspective that a part of the renzianos that they should support you could have the head already in another project, the anger culminated Wednesday. According to sources in the party, waited all week for a denial of the florentine, but ended up getting tired.

Renzi, however, will be complicated to lead another project in the short term. From the 4 of December of 2016, numbers will have been cruelly punished in every election. Antonio Noto, director of the company of surveys, IPR analyzes the fall of the former prime minister. “That began the debacle of Renzi, of course. But in the last poll that we have published, [Silvio] Berlusconi and he is the last in the valuation and confidence. Renzi has a support of 16%, compared to 47% of Salvini 47% or 37% of [Luigi] Di Maio [leader of the M5S]. When a politician is defeated, so clearly, in Italy, the citizens will Onbahis put the stone on top and is difficult to recover. He has not metabolized the defeat and has continued in the foreground despite being perceived as someone amortized”.

The PD, in any case, it is now mired in a new disappointment. “It’s a disaster,” says arching the eyebrows a member of the steering committee. The congress of march lost the little interest that I had, and the candidate with more chances to gain control of the formation is the governor of Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti. A strong political and management accredited to the head of one of the most complicated regions, but without the brightness needed to return the illusion to an electorate crushed after the spectacular results of the League and the M5S in the last elections (almost the 60% of the votes). And, less still to convince the troop.

In the ranks of the PD, in fact, there is a growing disillusionment. The deputy and expert constitutionalist, Stefano Ceccanti, believes that “the initiative of Renzi is rather impromptu”. “Minniti has reacted badly because I could do of the containment wall and having a relevant role although not win the election, but has thought that it weakened too much. At this point, many run the risk of finding ourselves in the middle of a piece of centrist party, cobbled together and another piece of the party of the old left that would make satellite the M5S. Would have to find a candidate to replace Minniti,” says Ceccanti.

A solution unlikely in the short term. Especially seeing the landscape and the figures of the polls. Today the PD is approximately 17% of estimate to vote against the 36.2% of the League, or 27.7% of the M5S. In fact, a part of the training relied on a fall of the current Government to open an alliance with the M5S, and to enter into a new Executive. A platform to give visibility to the PD, as has happened to the PSOE in Spain, and enable him to recover presence. But the plans Renzi what would change everything.

The referendum that initiated the storm

on December 4, 2016, just two years ago, Matteo Renzi put his head in the guillotine of a constitutional referendum, and the italians the cut. The reforms, all lights needed, they were obscured by a plebiscite staff that marked the decline of the party and the start of a storm populist unprecedented in Italy. Pippo Civati, then partner of rows of Renzi and then a member of the cleavage of the PD that created the game Free and Equal, believe that that date was key. “If it had been dramatised least, seperado things… if there had not been a political choice of half term, everything would have been different. But the PD does not seem to realize or now.” The open wound has not stopped bleeding since that day.