Tomi until the guy went to 42 in the country and wrote a guide to other your nomads tomi until each book hints, how accommodation and a ride I can get for free. MOSTPHOTOS

trading of science master’s Tom until one , in 2010 the big decision. He jumped out to a promising start from the fast track and travel for four years without money. Time and again the man rammed the same doubt: don’t travel without money, can succeed.

– yes, yes, Yes. I don’t even accept any money when it was offered. Life was easier when you didn’t need to at all think about money.

the money from the waiver may have been acquaintances for a surprise, because the sign looked different. Since each (p. 1981) founded the first company of his 3-year-old and sold the sand cakes to passers-by. Career resume economics student at Lappeenranta university of technology.

the Other technical and economics students in the crowd, however, started to hatch a humanist hippie. The transformation is accelerated eight years of youth leadership development of the student organisation aiesec in the ranks. He trained volunteers and Sri Lanka will also try to lead.

after Returning to Finland until the guy set up a social enterprise and begin to reflect the debt – and interest-driven money system of justice.

When I talked to my friends about how nice the world would be without money, they tired to listen and challenged me to do something about it.

until the guy started reducing the quantity of the goods. The remaining was easy to give up and take to the road.

bin diving and peer

the Jyväskylä book fair, published in his book ”How to live without money” until one advise penniless journey. Food can be found, for example, out of dumpsters, collecting from nature and asking merchants and restaurants.

the baggage of no concern. There was a minimum equipment, and the necessary summer – or winter clothes received from friends and strangers. Until one was also organized by the trade and food distribution events and Klasbahis participated in other voluntary work.

free of making the journey had many tricks, such as hitchhiking, walking and carpooling. Truck rides can ask, for example, from a gas station.

Western Europe truck getting though is a complicated insurance rules. Eastern and Southern Europe it is easier.

until one does not recommend to anyone voluntary monetary relief, for the want of it should go to the people themselves. However, he pointed out, that has actually gotten a great experience their travels.

– When not reserved a hotel or hostel, can end up in unexpected situations. Called people’s homes or in the morning wake up in paradise on the beach. They are life’s finest moments, which no money can buy.

”journey to become a routine”

over a year ago since one however, made a new life change.

the Journey became routine and felt that I didn’t learn anything anymore. I also wanted to be useful to others.

the beginning of the year a man was elected for the invention of the center-the ceo of the company. The company will promote and internationalise the Finnish invention of the field.

Although until one is again acquired a bank card, the way you learned are not forgotten. He sees the current monetary system several options and continues to support the ”pay it forward” principle. Himself he did not feel more separate from the rest of mankind.

– to Me has materialised the idea that we are one big family. All have the same hopes, desires and fears regardless of country.


Without the money to travel is often more rewarding than a package tour it’s too bad relief.

– Hitchhike:

the boat hitching: the offered free manned a sailing ship (forget the cargo ships too expensive)

– Go to the ferry terminal with the sign, which I hope will ship a gift card donation

– Asks the familiar flight points as a donation


Yet a few generations ago, almost all of the food either by producers themselves or collected from nature.

– the garbage dyykkaukseen tips:

I Asked for food stores, restaurants and from the market closing time

– Collect berries, fruits and vegetables from nature

Accessories, clothing

the Stuff is in western countries so much, not knowing what it would put.

– Use goods of exchange (swap shop) or arrange themselves in such a

– Exchange, common use and dyykkaa


hospitality services has been a long time, but couch surfing made them mainstream.

– Get the free overnight places:,


– Find nomadwikistä the job of house-sitting

the tip highlights and the thoughts of Tomi, until one of the book How to live without money (Into, 2015)

the Thing is published for the first time in march 2015.