It was not exactly what I wished me for christmas. Is there someone who needs an apprentice in the anleggsmaskinførerfaget that has about 8 months left?

It writes the 19-year-old Knut Andreas Incite the Hawk in a post on Facebook this week. Ørstad the company K. A. Aurstad, where he had lærlingplass reported Wednesday that they were bankrupt.

With breaking both the job and the prospects to be finished with soon to qualify as cook next year for the 19 year old, if he fails to obtain a new lærlingplass fast.

– No, it is both low and a little stressful at the same time. It is not just-only to find lærlingplass now that it is winter, ” says The Hawk.

Cul de sac

It is very sad. There is no one who stands ready to take care of this, ” says Ragnhild Lied to the Newspaper.

Liar, and has led a variety that among other things, will look at whether the upper secondary school has a structure and content that facilitate that as many people as possible complete.

In the morning, they are adding up the first part of their report, where they point out a number of structural challenges.

One of them is the one that now frames Knut Andreas Incite the Hawk, as well as between 7000 – 9000 students yearly, which for various reasons do not get lærlingplass.

the Race is such that they first have two years of school, then two years as apprentices. For anyone going that far into their third year before they get lærlingplass, some get it not before it has gone several years. Then they give up. It is very unfortunate when we are concerned that many should take. It is almost a dead end. There are practical barriers that stop them, ” says Ragnhild Lied to the Newspaper.

the Offer stops

the dropout rate in secondary school has, since 1994 hovered around 30 percent – in spite of various initiatives to do something with it.

Even if the implementation has increased slightly in the last few years, is the apostasy is still on 27 per cent. Especially large is the dropout rate in vocational education programs.

Suddenly stops the offer up. The offer is not there anymore. It is a challenge that the provision is built up in such a way that the private sector has responsibility for the implementation, while the county has the recording. In the private sector a number of areas that are konjunkturavhengige. At the same time, it is a valuable training a get. But we question whether a good enough system here, ” says Lied.

education ms. Jan Tore Sanner believes it goes right the way in vocational programs.

– More starts and more complete. There has been a clear increase in the proportion and the number who get an apprenticeship, but we are not in the target. We will continue working with the parties to get more læreplasser. When we now change the structure of the vocational programs is the education more relevant for the labour market. I hope it will contribute to more læreplasser, ” he says.


the Committee also points out systemsvakheter, when students fail in a course or upper secondary education without passing.

They believe the offer is not suitable and rigid for rivers that start in high school with poor assumptions. Also for students starting at upper secondary education, but find out that it has chosen the wrong and want to change, it is difficult.

. What we stated is that the right to upper secondary education is too little flexible. It is not possible for one who has gone a year and find that he really will have the qualification to do this within the public training. It is also not possible to etterutdanne. By way of comparison, one can think of how it is at higher education, where one can switch several times. I would say there is something we need to look at, ” she says.

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the School is however good for most of the people who are conducting with authorized expertise, will find the selection, even if certain changes can be recommended also for this group. Among other things, is many critical to that required English be terminated already after the first year of high school.

we have received a lot of feedback, especially from students. They think that it is unfortunate that it is only the first year, when this is something one needs both in the workplace and in many studies.

– Paradox

Also education ms. Jan Tore Sanner has noticed this point.

I’ve even ever since I even went out of high school in the mid 80’s, wondered why a ending with the compulsory English after one year. Our society requires ever improving English skills. Then it is a paradox that teaching ceases after a year. I think we need to look closer at engelskfaget, and that it may be appropriate to expand the mandatory engelsktilbudet, ” he says about the report he formally gets handed over in the morning.

the Report raises several important questions. It provides a knowledge base to continue an absolutely necessary reform efforts. Now I want open debate about the shortcomings Lied-the committee points out. Solutions we will consider when the Liar-the committee presents their suggestions to the changes, in December 2019, ” says Sanner.

it May be that girls more than boys believe it is possible to work by itself? Comment