In the week of the “yellow vests”crisis is to give the President of France, Emmanuel Macron on Monday evening open to the public. This was confirmed by the Elysee circles on Sunday evening, the German press Agency. The head of state would turn around 20 at his official residence at the French.

Previously, had demanded, among other things, representatives of the “Yellow vests,” and the Opposition replies of the heads of state, had so far been left mainly to the Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, the word. Since mid-November, hold protests and street France blockages in breathing. The “yellow West” call for more tax fairness and improve the purchasing power. The anger of many, but also, more generally, against Macron and his reform policy.

on Monday morning, the 40-Year-old, among others, representatives of major trade unions, the employers and the presidents of the national Assembly and the Senate meeting. The President of the wool gather together in this difficult Marsbahis time, all the political, local, economic and social forces, it said. The objective is to listen to your voices and suggestions.

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On the weekend were in France again far more than 100,000 people have taken to the streets for more tax justice and a higher purchasing power to demonstrate. It was the fourth weekend in a row, the movement of the “Yellow vests” had called in a large scale protests. In Paris, but also in other cities such as Bordeaux and Toulouse, it came in spite of a massive array of safety to the rioting forces. (dpa)

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