the Royal family’s former executive chef Jesper Vollmer, who is married with Annette Heick, and among other things is known from the DR’s ‘Eat and Save’programs, reviewed Thursday an operation at the university hospital.

Here is a group of the country’s best h√•ndkirurger fought an over two hour long struggle to get more function back in his right thumb after he’s back in 2015 got badly injured during a vacation to Thailand with his family. During the accident the fractured Jesper Vollmer, among other things the back.

Danish well-known – 3. dec. 2018 – at. 05:59 Nervous tv chef before surgery: Think now, if it gets worse and worse,

the Operation in hand is, thankfully, went well, but the tv cook is on Friday morning, however, still hospitalized at the university hospital, where he has struggled with many pain.

I thought, actually, that I was going home yesterday, but I have struggled enormously with pain since the operation, and, therefore, would the doctors want to keep me overnight. My hand felt like an overfilled water balloon after the surgery because of the plaster, and it was really just a nas, so I had a really hard and painful day yesterday, says Jesper Vollmer to Ekstra Bladet.

I got so a great sleeping pill in the night, and then I went out like a light. I woke up at four o’clock in the night, and then I could even go to the toilet, and it was as if the pain and pressure was relieved. So this morning, I’ve had it better. I have of course just had to get me, but I have had two doctor’s appointments, and it all looked fine, and the operation has gone well. My thumb is certainly in a much better position now, and the pain is diminishing, he continues.

On Instagram, Jesper Vollmer on Friday shared an image from the sygesengen at Rigshospitalet in copenhagen. Here he tells also that he is of good courage.

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SO is it over and done with. Everything has gone well. Well, apart from the pain. It was not fucking nice to feel the pressure increase in the hand, after the plaster was put on. So, despite a somewhat painful evening on the Kingdom, so I woke up after a good night’s sleep with a clear improvement. Clearly it works a little, when it has been opened and ruled 6 locations in and around the hand. I think that even Jack Sparrow would be the envy of all my lovely new scar. But now I can’t lie and have fun Milanobet in here much longer. To home and make me ready for this weekend’s series. The first is tonight at. 17…Think damn right, I nupper little morphine to inderlommen.

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Jesper Vollmer was for many years the real man in the kitchen of the prince Henrik and queen Margrethe of denmark. Photo: DR

even Though the operation is now over for Jesper Vollmers person, so waiting for him now to a longer period of rehabilitation.

РAccording to the doctors should I just have the peace, calm and tranquility, and so I need to go to some rehabilitation in Hornbæk. I have, as I said, got the plaster on and after ten days I get it, and then I get a special shine on so I can sleep properly at night. Then it should begin to move slowly forward, says Jesper Vollmer.

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despite the fact that the doctors have recommended Jesper Vollmer to stay calm after the surgery, he has a packed programme for the next days. For the time traveling he namely the country around and make presentations on how to avoid food waste.

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– I want to print from the hospital here today, and then I have a lecture in Vejle in the evening and a number of talks at the weekend on the island of Funen and in Jutland. It should I just implement. The pain is also less, and so I get some pain relief in the course of the day, so that I can implement, say, an optimistic Jesper Vollmer.

Annette Heick and Jesper Vollmer moved in a year back to Denmark after 16 years, to have been resident in Sweden, and they currently have therefore also full time in the project house.

– Fortunately, we had virtually emptied all of our boxes before the operation, but now it is the floor, which is the next major project in our renovation project, so there is no time for so much peace. Annette is on tour in Jutland, so she was not at the hospital during the operation, which she was a little upset, especially because I had the right evil. But there are just a lot to do with us just for the time being, says Jesper Vollmer with a laugh.