According to the countess Alexandra was prince Nikolai is not at all clear that he’s promoted for biludlejningsselskabet Sixt, as that Friday began to flourish a picture of him in a pressemeddelese from the company.

It informs the countess, through its secretary, Helle von Wildenrath Løvgreen, to Ekstra Bladet.

– Sixt asked if they could take a picture with the prince, and they clearly explained that it was only for internal use, so the staff could see it. Some such situations are prince Nikolai and the rest of the royal family used to, and they make up for photography. But in this case, the company has so abused and exploited prince nikolai’s confidence, says Helle von Wildenrath Løvgreen to Ekstra Bladet.

She turns on thus fast, that there has been an agreement between prince Nikolai and Sixt.

– No, it has no way. Prince Nikolai has only said yes to let itself photograph and not another, beats the countess Alexandras secretary real.

Helle von Wildenrath Løvgreen does not want to comment on the royal family’s regret, as Monday was brought in several media, but informs that the countess immediately not going to do more of the case, since the image is again removed by Sixt.

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on Monday deplored the royal family’s communications department otherwise, that prince Carl had apparently appeared in a press release for Sixt, because the royal family according to their guidelines does not advertise goods or products.

– Royal market not companies or products. Prince Nikolai regrets the mistake, now corrected, said the royal family’s communications department in relation to the Ekstra Bladet.

the Picture of prince Nikolai, who is sitting on the radiator of a Renault Clio from the rental company Sixt, was published on the Sixts website as a press release on Friday afternoon.

the Message and the image is now removed again, but it has not prevented the danes to share it on the social media.

In the text to the picture says that prince Nikolai has ‘chosen car on line rental from Sixt All-inclusive’. See it below:

Earlier in the year left the prince Nikolai Army Sergentskole, and in this connection told countess Alexandra, through its secretary, to prince Nikolai will now bet on his modeling career, until he is next year planning to go ahead with a new training.

Already here in november, is prince Nikolai booked to go to a large fashion show in Tokyo for the fashion company Dior.

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For Ekstra Bladet informs the royal family’s communications department, that they have no comments as to whether prince Nikolai has been abused by Sixt.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get a comment from Sixt, but they indicate that they are at the present time you do not wish to comment on the matter.