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the Conservatives cheering over Annie Lööf no to Stefan Löfven (S).

”Welcome news from the Centre party Annie Lööf” writes Johan Forssell, migrationspolitisk spokesperson (M) on Twitter.

”A good and clear answer” says Tobias Billström, the group leader in the riksdag.

Centre party leader Annie Lööf has given notice to C will say no to Stefan Löfven in statsministeromröstningen. Immediately afterwards began a series of people within the Alliance’s parties, particularly the Conservatives, to celebrate the news.

Tobias Billström, the group leader in the riksdag (M), writes on Twitter:

”A good and clear statement of the Centre party and the @annieloof on today’s PK. Factual and concrete. Now we return together to the drawing board and for the proposals which we have in common.”.


”Welcome news from the Centre party, Annie Lööf. Sweden would have very much to gain a new Alliansregering.” writes Johan Forssell.

Benjamin Dousa is positive and identifies especially Lööf’s statement that S does not cut the ties to the V.

”the social democrats have not been able to cut ties to the Party, therefore, shall not Löfven to become prime minister. Absolutely right @annieloof” he writes.

1 of 19 | Photo: Lotte FernvallAnnie Lööf (c). ”Very gratifying”

Maria M Stenergård, M’s spokesperson in the environmental and agricultural issues, is also very positive. ”Very pleased that @the Centre party does not release until Löfven in statsministeromröstningen!” she writes.

Mikael Sandström, senior advisor in the M, are on the same track on Twitter.

”It was well clear of @annieloofs press conference: V and LO have the power of veto. Then, it is difficult to get a place with some liberal reforms.” he writes.

”Hope lives”

Christina Fosnes, commissioner for the opposition (M) in Kalmar, sweden, writes in his turn:

”Research has driven all the way into the tile, over what the party promised its electorate. Only now can the mao be interesting to be included in an alliance of government..? The hope is alive.”

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