If a story just sounds too good to be true, then it is often just that. The syvfoldige Tour winner Lance Armstrong’s magical comeback from cancer appeared to be driven by cheating and deception.

Different credible seems his adventurous investment in samkørselsvirksomheden Uber to be.

In an interview the other day on american television revealed Armstrong that he, despite a massive economic downfall in the wake of its dopingindrømmelse in 2013 today is a truly made man by virtue of an investment in Uber in 2009 on the 100,000 dollar.

His return is multiplied in the years since and has now secured him a fortune of not less than ten million dollars, or about 65 million dollars. It confirmed to Armstrong in the interview, when the journalist Andrew Ross west wing would know what his investment is worth today.

– What are we talking about? 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 million dollar? asked the west wing.

– One of the figures. It is very. It is very. It has saved my family from ruin, ed.), said Armstrong, according to the velonews.com.

Other media wonder that Armstrong may have been mangemilliardær on its investment. He invested his 100,000 dollar in the company in 2009 when it was 3.7 million dollar worth. Since the value of Uber shot out in the galaxy with a value of over three million percent.

Armstrong confessed his long-standing consumption of doping in an interview at direct tv with the talk show queen Oprah Winfrey in January 2013. Photo: AP.

Armstrong’s investment increased Matadorbet by a similar amount in value, is his share of the company 3.2 billion dollar worth, writes among other things the swiss Blick.ch. It corresponds to the astronomical $ 21 billion.

A matter of curiosity in the adventurous tale is that Armstrong than had no idea that he invested in Uber, since he trusted the 100,000 dollars to the miracle-the investor Chris Sacca.

– This guy has a strong personality, and he is very wise and has a large network. Therefore, I invested in Chris Sacca, said Armstrong in the interview on CNBC.

Armstrong was world champion on the road in 1993 and won a few stages in the Tour de France, before he in 1996 was seriously ill with testicular cancer, which had spread to the brain, lymfesystem and lungs.

He survived miraculously and was a celebrated, stenrig and powerful star, as he was from 1999 to 2005 he won the Tour de France. He lost, however, everything – including the seven Tour victories – since he was banned for life in 2012 due to doping.

At the beginning of 2013 he admitted his abuse, and it cost him huge sums of money in lost sponsor income and damages.

In the spring he got off to a federal claim for damages of over half a billion dollars by entering into the settlement agreement. It cost him ‘only’ five million – about 33 million – but he will not hear of this, that he should be got rid of cheap.

It was well 10. settlement, I have concluded. Estimated loss of guaranteed income, attorneys ‘ fees and settlement together, have it here cost me 111 million (728 million. kr., ed.), said Armstrong.

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