a Short time after a second big German automobile giant has announced that they are shedding thousands of jobs, informs the group Daimler, which among other things, the owner of the Mercedes-Benz that at least 10,000 jobs worldwide will be cut in an attempt to find the economic resources to shift towards a more electrified car fleet.

It writes the BBC.

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Audi told on Tuesday that they over the years to cut 9500 posts in his native Germany, and now it’s the competitor’s turn to a similar announcement.

Daimler reports that the automotive industry going through ’the biggest transformation in its history’.

– the Development towards CO2-neutral mobility requires a large investment, why Daimler in mid-november announced that we will launch a program to increase competitiveness, innovation and investeringsstyrke, informs the company in a press release.

– part of this program is to reduce personnel costs by around € 1.4 billion. euros by the end of 2022, and among other things, to reduce the number of management positions all over the world with 10 percent, informs Daimler.

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