The group has taken over with the purchase of Monsanto and empties the cash register, to young people, remain only crumbs.

comment by Alexander Hagelüken Alexander Hagelüken

I am born in 1968, have economy studied in Munich and for different media, such as the Bayerischer Rundfunk, the Süddeutsche Zeitung and time worked. For the Süddeutsche Zeitung I went, after a period as business editor in 1997 as the capital-correspondent to Bonn, and later Berlin. In 2002, I moved to the Europe office in Brussels. In 2008, I came back to Munich, to the new money-part of the build. Since 2011, I choose in the exchange with a colleague, what pages a day on the Economy.

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There are currently several German companies, the stress of thousands of jobs. The case, Bayer is still. Bayer bought for much money the glyphosate-Monsanto company, lost sick in front of the court against a cancer, and crashed on the stock exchange. That’s exactly why the Manager can cut costs with all the violence. As it turns out, is to go to the staff reductions even at the expense of the pension system, so at the expense of the General public.

Bayer-workers find the Jobkahlschlag bitter. “The main thing is Mon(ey)santo,” a Slogan is. This frustration is now to alleviate that Employees can stand with a 57 alone. This does not fit in a time in which most Germans find their health with 70 years of good to excellent and most are over 80 years old. Actions such as the Bayer send a terrible Signal: you empty the retirement Fund, until the young German only crumbs remain.


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companies dispose of employees at the expense of the General public has in the Federal Republic of bad Tradition. As the former economic miracle the country experienced in the ‘ 70s, suddenly, unemployment, decided politicians, trade unions and entrepreneurs, the Elderly should make Younger place. Soon 80 percent of people over 55 not working-Year-old, but less than half. The employment helped the. Today, the Jobboom is the result of other factors, to the controversial “Agenda 2010” of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. A led to early retirement, but they hollowed the old system financially.

Therefore, the policy is stopped to the turn of the Millennium, finally. And they increased the retirement age. Because the SPD distanced itself today from the Schroeder-time, adopted in 2013 by a responsible age policies and revived the early retirement. Exactly, this should now use the Bayer-workers.

Total cost from the SPD enforced early retirement 40 billion euros

the Rest of the group could put on it. So the Monsanto-buyer of work get rid of capable Employees and the company pays for it. Overall, the SPD enforced early retirement costs of € 40 billion up to the year 2030. The law is already responsible for ensuring that a hopeful Trend was destroyed: for Years, the old rose, in the the German to retire in. In the meantime, this development, which helped Finance the old system is faltering. But the madness does not end.

Bayer also wants to send its employees, with 57 to go home, while the economy claims associations loudly about a lack of skilled workers, while they warn, in some time the boom will end, because, due to aging and child shortages were missing millions of workers. How do they fit together? The truth is that there is in the economy like in the life of such and such. Companies such as the railway or Bosch strive to keep older Employees and further training. You want to make use of their experience, because studies show that gray-haired colleagues are just as productive as young. The companies want to prevent that you will miss at some point of business, because employees are missing.

There are those far-sighted companies. And it provides Bayer. The group has swallowed up Monsanto, and mass detention of employees with its 57-years – assisted by the tumbling early retirement party, the SPD then separates.