Kortrijk looking for new entertainment? Wednesday open KRIMI. Where mysteries used in interactive rooms and murders to solve during dinner. Promoters Kristof DeRudder (38) from Ghent and Mike Matheeussen (41) from Heule. “We came up with the concept at the counter, and worked to the smallest detail”, says Mike.

KRIMI is in the Zandbergstraat 19, on the ground floor under the AT design & engineering agency. IN the company of Mike Matheeussen. Special and new in Flanders, the mystery rooms of KRIMI. That are full of technological gadgets, such as zelftypende typewriters. In The Lady in Red you are looking for the whereabouts and identity of a person. In Classroom 666 are you trying the devil to expel. “The ” escape rooms”, said Mike Matheeussen. “You’re not locked. The room helps you through all kinds of audio and video tips forward. The intention is to solve the mystery with as few as possible hints to solve the problem. That is the competition. A mystery room experience is one and all show. And it is at the same time playful and light-hearted, fun to do.”